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Aviation Enforcement Orders

Title Date Sort ascending
Silver Airways Order 2022-5-11
Marc Fernandes, Shanana Islam, Sabiha Islam, Bakiul Islam, Anshul Agrawal, and the Sahu Family v. Aeroflot Airlines - Order of Dismissal 2022-4-5
Air China Order 2022-2-5
FlightHub Group Order 2022-2-6
Air Canada Settlement Agreement
United Airlines - Consent Order 2021-9-21
Paradigm Air Operators Order 2021-9-18
JetBlue Airways Order 2021-2-8
Abraham Gutnicki v. United Airlines and Scott J. Reiners v. United Airlines Order of Dismissal 2021-1-6
Aerolíneas Argentinas Order 2020-12-2
Emirates Order 2020-9-29
Concesionaria Vuela Compañía de Aviación (Volaris) Order 2020-7-3
Spirit Airlines Order 2020-6-5
Compañía Panameña de Aviación, S.A. Order 2020-6-9
Delta Air Lines Order 2020-1-9
China Eastern Airlines Corporation Order 2019-12-7
Japan Airlines Consent Order 2019-9-5
Lufthansa Consent Order 2019-6-5
Food Allergy Research and Education, Inc. v. American Airlines, Inc. And Alicia White v. American Airlines, Inc. Order 2019-5-12
Aviajet Order 2019-4-8
American Airlines Order 2019-2-23
Delta Air Lines Order 2019-2-22
AirGate Aviation Order 2019-2-3
Sky Lease I Order 2019-2-2
Peninsula Airways Order 2018-11-11
Scandinavian Airline System Order 2018-11-8
Bryan and Renee Jackson and Bridgitte Prince v. American Airlines, Inc. Order of Dismissal 2018-10-16
Allegiant Air Order 2018-10-7
Icelandair Order 2018-5-42
Air Canada Order 2018-5-27
Benjamin Edelman v. American Airlines Order of Dismissal 2018-5-31
British Airways Order 2018-5-28
Benjamin Edelman v. American Airlines Order of Dismissal 2018-5-32
TAME Linea Aerea del Ecuador Order 2018-5-26
Vietnam Airlines Order 2018-5-29
Mike Borsetti v. British Airways Order of Dismissal 2018-5-17
Flugleidir, h.f., d/b/a Icelandair Order 2018-4-11
Hawaiian Airlines Order 2018-4-7
Allegiant Air Order 2018-4-8
Qantas Airways Limited Order 2018-3-26
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. Order 2018-3-21
Compañía Panameña de Aviación Order 2018-3-20
Order of Dismissal 2018-2-19 Christopher Nethery v. Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation
Order of Dismissal 2018-2-21 Tasha Grant v. Saudi Arabian Airlines Corporation
Order of Dismissal 2018-2-20 Jonathan Parker v. Saudi Arabian Airlines
Order of Dismissal 2018-2-18 Kaushik Shridharani v. Alitalia Societá Aerea Italiana, SpA
Order of Dismissal 2018-2-7 Miriam Edelman v. American Airlines, Inc.
Allegiant Air, LLC Order 2018-1-6
Southwest Airlines, Co. Order 2018-1-5
SeaPort Airlines, Inc. Order 2017-12-17
Dynamic International Airways, LLC Order 2017-11-12
Frontier Airlines, Inc. Order 2017-09-11
Frontier Airlines, Inc. Consent Order 2017-08-27
United Airlines, Inc. Consent Order 2017-9-1
Delta Air Lines, Inc. Consent Order 2017-7-10
Frontier Airlines, Inc. Consent Order 2017-7-8
American Airlines, Inc. Consent Order 2017-7-9
Air X Aviation, Inc. Consent Order 2017-7-11
TAP Portugal Consent Order 2017-7-1
Delta Air Lines, Inc.- Consent Order 2017-6-20
Dynamic International Airways, LLC Consent Order 2017-4-12
Paradigm Jet Management - Consent Order 2017-4-2
Spirit Airlines - Consent Order 2017-3-21
Benjamin Edelman and Jason Steele v. Delta Air Lines, Inc. - Consent Order 2017-3-19
Benjamin Edelman v. Virgin Atlantic Airways Limited - Consent Order 2017-3-18
Delta Air Lines, Inc. Consent Order 2017-2-17
Air India Order 2017-2-13
American Airlines Crowell Consent Order 2017-1-11
American Airlines - Consent Order 2016-12-10
American Airlines - Consent Order 2016-12-12
Order of Dismissal 2016-12-11 Joel Hayes v. American Airlines, Inc.
Delta Air Lines - Consent Order 2016-12-3
JetBlue Airways - Consent Order 2016-12-4
Frontier Airlines - Consent Order 2016-12-5
Royal Jordanian Airlines - Consent Order 2016-11-20
Qatar Airways Q.C.S.C. - Consent Order 2016-11-10
Philippine Airlines, Inc Order 2016-10-6
Silver Airways LLC - Consent Order 2016-9-18
American Airlines, Inc. Order 2016-8-30
Southwest Airlines Co. Order 2016-8-33
United Airlines, Inc. Order 2016-8-31
Air Canada Order 2016-8-29
Alaska Airlines, Inc. Order 2016-8-32
Orange Air, LLC Order 2016-6-1
Aeroenlaces Nacionales, S.A. de CV ta VivaAerobus Order 2016-5-3
Lufthansa German Airlines Order 2016-4-7
British Airways Plc Order 2016-4-8
Societe Air France Order 2016-4-9
SeaPort Airlines, Inc. Order 2016-4-5
GoJet Airlines, LLC Order 2016-3-27
Compass Airlines, LLC Order 2016-3-28
Dynamic Airways LLC 2016-3-23
Porter Airlines, Inc. Order 2016-3-8
British Airways PLC Order 2016-3-9
Porter Escapes, Inc. Order 2016-3-7
United Airlines, Inc. Order 2016-1-3
United Airlines, Inc. Order 2016-1-2
American Airlines, Inc. Order 2015-11-3
Middle East Airlines Airliban Order 2015-11-4
Beijing Capital Airlines Order 2015-9-11
American Airlines, Inc. Order 2015-9-10
Spirit Airlines, Inc. Order 2015-8-16
Great Lakes Aviation, Ltd. 2015-7-10
Charter Air Transport, Inc. 2015-6-2
Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. 2015-5-17
Inter Island Airways, Inc. 2015-5-7
SriLankan Airlines Limited 2015-5-1
FlyBlade, Inc. 2015-4-6
Fareportal Inc., d/b/a CheapOair Order 2015-3-5
Air Europa Lineas Aereas, S.A.U. Order 2015-2-3
Lufthansa German Airlines 2015-1-17
Southwest Airlines Co. 2015-1-10
Saudi Arabia Airlines 2014-11-19
China Eastern Airlines Co. Ltd. - Order 2014-11-14
Air Canada rouge Order 2014-10-23
Cathay Pacific Airways Limited 2014-10-14
WestJet 2014-9-3
China Eastern Airlines Corp. Ltd. 2014-9-4
Dismissal Order British Airways PLC 2014-9-2
Voyager Travel LLC and Brian Mickelsen Consent Order 2014-8-9
MetJet, Inc., and Michael Heisman, individually Order 2014-8-8
Turkish Airlines 2014-7-18
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 2014-7-7
Alaska Airlines, Inc. 2014-6-15
Southwest Airlines, Co. 2014-5-13
Order Dismissing Formal Complaint of Benjamin Edelman v. TAROM 2014-4-18
British Airways PLC 2014-4-8
Skyscanner Limited 2014-4-2
Sky King, Inc. Order 2014-3-18
Order Denying Motion for Clarification and Dismissing Formal Complaint VIH Cougar Helicopters, Inc. 2014-3-7
Charter by the Seat LLC 2014-3-5
Asiana Airlines, Inc. 2014-2-20
Global Target International Inc., d/b/a GTS Globotours Order 2014-2-14
JetBlue Airways Corporation Order 2014-2-9
Scott Aviation, Inc. 2004-2-6
Airtrade International, Inc., d/b/a Vayama 2014-1-9
Qantas Airways Limited 2014-1-11
WK Travel d/b/a OneTravel 2014-1-1
Virgin America, Inc. 2013-12-16
Laurus Travel, Inc. 2013-12-7
American Airlines, Inc. 2013-12-6
American Airlines, Inc. 2013-12-4
VRG Linhas Aereas S.A. d/b/a GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes 2013-11-23
VIH Cougar Helicopters, Inc. Order 2013-11-16
Alaska Airlines, Inc. Order 2013-11-17
BestCare EMS, Ltd. Consent Order 2013-11-14
Shuttle America Corporation 2013-11-10
GoJet Airlines, LLC 2013-11-11
American Airlines, Inc. Consent Order 2013-11-6
US Airways, Inc. 2013-11-4
United Airlines, Inc. 2013-10-13
Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Inc. 2013-10-9
Frosch International Travel, Inc. 2013-10-10
Jet Airways (India) Ltd. 2013-10-11
Alpha Media Group, LLC, d/b/a AlphaFlightGuru Order 2013-9-19
Virgin America, Inc. 2013-9-7
Valley National Bank 2013-9-2
Raj Travel, Incorporated 2013-9-1
United Airlines, Inc. 2013-8-27
AAA Mid-Atlantic Inc. Order 2013-8-24
Third Party Complaint of Benjamin Edelman v. Cathay Pacific Airways Limited 2013-8-23
FC USA Inc. d/b/a Liberty Travel Order 2013-8-25
STA Travel, Inc. Order 2013-8-26
Onetha McKnight et al. v. US Airways, Inc., and PrimeFlight Airline Services 2013-8-15
Jean Benjamin et al. v JetBlue Airways Corp. and Superior Aircraft Services, Inc. 2013-8-18
Kyla Thorington et al v. United Airlines, Inc. , and PrimeFlight Airline Services 2013-8-16
Victor Cherenfant et al. v US Airways, Inc. and Direct Airline Services, Inc. 2013-8-19
Frank Drum v. Southwest Airlines Co. and PrimeFlight Airline Services 2013-8-17
Victor Cherenfant et al. v. Spirit Airlines, Inc., and Direct Airline Services, Inc. 2013-8-20
Avianca 2013-8-9
Etihad Airways, Inc. 2013-8-7
Hipmunk, Inc. 2013-8-8
Frontier Airlines, Inc. 2013-7-28
Bloomspot, Inc. 2013-7-27
Southwest Airlines Co. 2013-7-20
American Eagle Airlines, Inc. 2013-7-18
PrimeSport, Inc. 2013-7-15
British Airways Plc 2013-7-11
Korean Airlines Co., Ltd. 2013-7-5
JetBlue Airways Corporation 2013-6-20
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 2013-6-18
JTB USA, Inc. 2013-5-15
AirTran Airways, Inc. 2013-5-14
Air China Limited 2013-5-3
Southwest Airlines Co. 2013-5-1
Caribbean Airlines Limited 2013-3-15
Alitalia 2013-3-12
United Air Lines, Inc. 2013-2-9
Sky King, Inc. 2013-2-7
Legendary Journeys, Inc. 2013-1-16
Copa Airlines, Inc. 2012-12-18
Virgin America Inc. 2012-12-20
Scott Air LLC d/b/a Island Air Express 2012-12-16
Eros Group, Inc. 2012-12-17
World Travel Network, LLC 2012-12-19
Vision Airlines, Inc. 2012-12-1
Airtrade International, Inc. 2012-11-36
Travelzoo Inc. 2012-11-29
STI Travel, LLC 2012-11-27
Malaysia Airline System BHd 2012-11-26
AeroSvit Airlines 2012-11-6
Mauiva, LLC 2012-11-3
Petition for Rulemaking and Third-Party Complaint of Donald L. Pevsner, Esq. Dismissal Order 2012-11-4
Société Air France 2012-11-1
I-Jet Aviation, LLC 2012-10-20
Worldwide Travel, Inc. 2012-10-13
Qantas Airways Limited 2012-10-12
Jetstar Airways, Pty Limited 2012-10-2
734758 Ontario, Limited dba FlightNetwork 2012-10-4
TEM Enterprises dba Xtra Airways 2012-10-3
British Airways Plc 2012-10-1
Pakistan International Airlines Corporation 2012-9-21
Air China, Limited 2012-9-18
Solar Tours, Inc. 2012-9-19
Dismissal Order 2012-9-7
JSC Aeroflot 2012-9-1
Travel Today, Inc. 2012-8-34
Aerolineas Argentinas, S.A. 2012-8-33
Royal Jordanian Airlines 2012-8-28
Compagnie Nationale Royal Air Maroc 2012-8-27
EgyptAir Airlines Company 2012-8-26
JetBlue Airways Corporation 2012-8-25
Orbitz Worldwide, LLC 2012-8-24
Pacific For Less, Inc. 2012-8-2
Santa Barbara Airlines 2012-8-4
Philippine Airlines, Inc. 2012-8-3
Caribbean Sun Airlines dba World Atlantic Airlines 2012-7-31
Request to Extend the Compliance Relief Provided by Order 2012-1-2
Trip Advisor, LLC 2012-7-16
Vision Airlines, Inc. 2012-7-13
Bahamasair Holdings Limited Order 2012-7-1 LP 2012-7-30
Concesionaria Vuela Compania de Aviacion, S.A.P.I. de C.V. 2012-6-15
Virgin America Inc. 2012-5-22
People Express Airlines, Inc. 2012-5-7
Air India, Limited 2012-5-4
Atlantic Southeast Airlines, Inc. 2012-5-2
Swift Jet, Inc. 2012-4-24
Private Air, Inc. 2012-4-17
Pilatus PC-12 Centre Canada, Inc. 2012-4-16
Frontier Airlines, Inc. 2012-4-15
International Jet Management GmbH 2012-3-18
Qantas Airways Limited 2012-3-1
Unister USA, LLC 2012-2-23
Twin Air Calypso Limited, Inc. 2012-2-20
Allegiant Air, LLC 2012-2-10
Finnair Plc 2012-1-21
Spirit Airlines, Inc. 2012-1-20
Aviation Services, Ltd. 2012-1-22
Asiana Airlines 2012-1-14
Alitalia Compagnia Aerea Italiana Spa 2012-1-15
Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT S.A. 2012-1-13
Icelandair Group 2012-1-8
Imagine Tours & Travel, L.L.C. 2012-1-5
AirTran Airways, Inc. 2012-1-1
SkyWest Airlines, Inc. 2011-11-25
Spirit Airlines, Inc. 2011-11-23
American Eagle Airlines, Inc. 2011-11-13
BusinessJet Class, LLC 2011-11-10
United Air Lines, Inc. 2011-11-2
Caribbean Airlines Limited 2011-10-28
LAN Airlines, S.A. 2011-10-18
Viajes Galiana, Inc 2011-10-19
South African Airways PTY Limited 2011-10-12
Destination Southern Africa 2011-10-11
Order of Dismissal: Donald L. Pevsner 2011-10-13
Orbitz Worldwide, LLC. 2011-10-5
Aerovias de Intergración Regional, AIRES S.A. 2011-10-2
Virgin Atlantic Airways, Ltd. 2011-9-18, LLC 2011-9-13
Amadeus IT Group, S.A. 2011-9-12
JetBlue Airways, Ltd. 2011-8-25
Emirates 2011-8-24
Thai Airways International Public Company Limited 2011-8-21
Ethiopian Airlines Enterprise 2011-8-20
Air Charters, Inc., d/b/a Air Flamenco 2011-8-16
Aviation Advantage, Inc. 2011-8-13
Swift Air, LLC 2011-8-14
Air Canada 2011-8-8
United Air Lines, Inc. 2011-8-7
Atlantic Southeast Airlines 2011-7-4
Globester, LLC 2011-6-33
Apple Vacations 2011-6-32
LBF Travel, Inc. 2011-6-34
China Airlines, Ltd. 2011-6-20
Deutsche Lufthansa AG 2011-6-18
Cameron Air Services, Inc. 2011-6-19
Frontier Airlines, Inc. 2011-6-10
TACA International Airlines, S.A. 2011-6-5
Global Airline Services, Inc., and Harold J. Pareti, Individually 2011-6-3
Continental Airlines, Inc. 2011-6-1
Icelandair Group, a/k/a Flugleidir, h.f.,d/b/a Icelandair 2011-5-13
Friendship Airways Inc. d/b/a Yellow Air Taxi 2005-5-4
American Travel Solutions, LLC 2011-5-4
Fareportal, Inc. 2011-5-6
Automobile Club of New York, Inc. dba AAA New York 2011-5-3
AirGorilla, LLC 2011-5-5
Wholesale Travel Center, Inc. 2011-5-2
OpenSkies SAS 2011-4-26
Airtrade International, Inc. 2011-4-21
Expedia, Inc. 2011-4-18
AirTran Airways, Inc. 2011-4-2
Flythere4less 2011-4-3
Cayman Airways, Ltd. 2011-3-25
Southwest Airlines Co. 2011-3-20
Aerovías de Intergración Regional 2011-3-9
American Airlines, Inc. 2011-2-14
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 2011-2-10
Trinity Air Ambulance International LLC 2011-2-9
Tour Beyond, Inc., d/b/a China Spree Travel 2011-2-6
Virgin America, Inc. 2011-2-5
Mesaba Aviation, Inc. 2011-1-4
Capital Airways, LLC 2011-1-2
Aerovías de México, S.A. de C.V. 2011-1-1
Insel Air International 2010-12-32
Société Air France 2010-12-26
A-Liner-8 Aviation, Inc. - December 23, 2010
National Air Cargo Group, Inc., d/b/a National Airlines 2010-12-22
The COMM Group, Inc., Cheap Caribbean, Inc. 2010-12-20
JetBlue Airways Corp. 2010-12-17
Caribbean Airlines Limited 2010-12-4
ACAAS Canada Ltd 2010-11-27
New Flight Solutions, Inc., d/b/a New Flight Charters 2010-11-23
Friendship Airways, Inc.d/b/a Yellow Air Taxi 2010-11-14
Compania Panameña de Aviación, S.A. 2010-11-15
Unique Vacations, Inc. 2010-11-7
City Skies, Inc., and Ronald E. Mays 2010-11-1
Alaska Airlines, Inc. 2010-10-24
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 2010-10-23
Educational Opportunities Tours, Inc. 2010-10-14
926724 Ontario Limited, d/b/a President Air Charter 2010-10-9
EL Al Israel Airlines 2010-9-32
MN Airlines, LLC d/b/a Sun Country Airlines 2010-9-25
Craig Air Center, Inc. 2010-9-23
United Air Lines, Inc. 2010-9-22
Pinnacle Airlines, Inc. 2010-9-11
China Focus, Inc., d/b/a China Focus Travel 2010-9-6
Lion World Travel Ltd. d/b/a South African Airways Vacations 2010-9-5
Chautauqua Airlines, Inc. 2010-9-1
Shuttle America Corporation Order 2010-9-3
Republic Airline, Inc. 2010-9-2
AirTran Airways, Inc. 2010-8-14
Jet Team Charters, LLC 2010-7-21
Comair, Inc. 2010-7-18
Nuevo Mundo Travel Agency Inc. 2010-7-17
Compania Panameña de Aviation, S.A. 2010-7-15
Compania Panameña de Aviation, S.A. - July 15, 2010
Delta Air Lines, Inc. and Northwest Airlines, Inc. 2010-7-4
Sceptre Tours, Inc. 2010-6-23
Cayman Airways Limited 2010-6-21
Mercy Flights, Inc. 2010-6-18
AirTran Airways, Inc. 2010-5-29
FarePortal, Inc. 2010-5-31
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 2010-5-30
Falcon Air Express 2010-5-15
Continental Airlines, Inc. 2010-5-9
R & M Aviation, Inc 2010-5-1
Aero Services-Executive, S.A. 2010-4-17
Southwest Airlines Co. 2010-4-14
Prestige Cruise Holdings, Inc. 2010-4-1
US Airways, Inc. 2010-3-5
Bahamasair Holdings Limited 2010-2-27
Luxury Air Jets, Inc. 2010-2-17
Southern Sky Air & Tours, LLC d/b/a Myrtle Beach Direct Air & Tours 2010-2-16
Haiti Earthquake Emergency Exemption II (Part 125 operators) 2010-2-9
TAM Linhas Aereas, S.A. 2010-1-8
United Air Lines, Inc. 2010-1-13
Haiti Earthquake Emergency Exemption I (GSA) 2010-1-9
US Airways, Inc. 2008-12-13
Order Dismissing Complaint Against Allegiant Air LLC 2009-12-2
Continental Airlines, Inc. 2009-11-17
Mesaba Airlines 2009-11-16
ExpressJet Airlines, Inc. 2009-11-18
Jetstar Airways Pty Limited 2009-10-17
V1 Jets International, Inc. 2009-10-11
TAP Portugal 2009-10-6
Canadian Helicopters Limited 2009-9-10
Spirit Airlines, Inc. 2009-9-8
Costa Cruise Lines N.V. 2009-9-3
United Airlines, Inc 2009-8-17
3095‐7633 Quebec, Inc., d/b/a Univair Aviation 2009-8-12
US Airways, Inc. 2009-8-2
Continental Airlines, Inc. 2009-8-3
Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. 2009-8-4
Paragon Air, Inc. 2009-7-17
United Air Lines, Inc. 2009-7-6
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 2009-7-7
Gate 1, Ltd. 2009-7-5
Medjet Assistance, LLC 2009-6-19
Air Ambulance Worldwide, Inc. 2009-6-18
Holiday Airways Corporation d/b/a Holiday Air 2009-5-12
Angel Medflight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services, LLC 2009-4-17
smarTours, Inc. - April 4, 2009
Turismo Tony Perez 2009-4-3
Condor Flugdienst GmbH 2009-4-1
Miami International, Inc. 2009-3-19
Liberty Travel Inc. 2009-2-9
Virgin America Inc. 2009-1-17
Pascan Aviation, Inc. 2009-1-9
Air Jamaica, Ltd. 2008-12-25
JTB Corporation d/b/a JTB USA, Inc. 2008-12-24
Spirit Airlines, Inc. 2008-12-14
Complaint of Tim Maddox Xiomara Osorio 2008-12-5
Mr. Mujhtabah Mohammed, individually, and Constellation Travel Services Inc. 2008-12-3
Frontier Airlines, Inc. 2008-11-1
Arrow Air, Inc., d/b/a Arrow Cargo 2008-10-19
Primaris Airlines, Inc. 2008-9-31
Allegiant Air, LLC 2008-9-18
Thai Airways International Public Company Ltd. 2008-9-15
Flight Centre USA, Inc. 2008-7-5
AirTran Airways, Inc. 2008-5-38
Virgin America, Inc. 2008-4-32
Jet One Jets, Inc. 2008-3-2
US Airways, Inc. 2008-4-4
Compania Mexicana de Aviacion, S.A. de C.V. 2008-4-6
AHI International Corporation d/b/a AHI Travel and Alumni Holidays 2008-3-5
US Airways, Inc. 2008-2-35
Ritz Tours, Inc. 2008-2-22
Pacific Delight Tours, Inc. 2008-2-13
Vantage Travel Service, Inc., d/b/a Vantage Deluxe World Travel - 2007-12-18
Isair Airlines and Tourism Ltd. 2007-12-4
Israir Airlines and Tourism Ltd - December 4, 2007
Group Voyagers, Inc., d/b/a Globus, Cosmos, Brennan Vacations, Monograms, and Avalon Waterways 2007-11-13
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 2007-11-6
Eurofly, S.p.A. 2007-10-25
Cayman Airways - October 19, 2007
Cayman Airways 2007-10-19
Air New Zealand 2007-10-8
JetBlue Airways Corp. 2007-10-4
Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. 2007-10-5
Iberia Lineas Aereas de Espana, S.A. (Iberia Airlines) 2007-9-21
Alia-Royal Jordanian Airlines 2007-9-19
Lloyd Aereo Boliviano, S.A. 2007-9-11
Ryan International Airlines, Inc. 2007-9-5
Viking River Cruises, Inc. 2007-8-25
Uniworld River Cruises, Inc. 2007-8-23
Trafalgar Tours West, Inc., d/b/a Trafalgar Tours 2007-8-24
Private Jet Services Group, Inc. 2007-8-7
Arrowhead Express, Inc. 2007-8-1
Northwest Airlines, Inc. - 2007-6-12
OneSky Network, LLC 2007-6-1
LAN Airlines 2007-5-15
Austrian Airlines 2007-5-8
Comair, Inc., d/b/a Delta Connection 2007-5-9
Jet Choice I, LLC 2007-4-23
Imperial Jets, Inc. 2007-4-7
Flight-Ops International, Inc., d/b/a Skyexpress Airline 2007-2-20
United Air Lines, Inc. 2007-2-13
IDM Corporate Aviation Services, LLC 2007-2-6
Air Canada 2007-1-10
Caribair, SA 2007-1-9
Skyservice Airlines Inc. 2006-12-26
USA Jet Airlines, Inc. 2006-12-11
Thomals Kolfenbach, individually, and Southeast Airlines, Inc. 2006-12-5
Alitalia 2006-12-2
China Airlines, Ltd. 2006-12-1
Classic Designs of Tampa Bay, Inc., d/b/a Bell Air Aviation 2006-11-25
Vision Airlines, Inc., doing business as Vision Air 2006-11-20
Israir Airlines and Tourism, Ltd. 2006-11-13
Aloha Airlines, Inc. 2006-11-2
United Airlines 2006-10-17
North American Airlines, Inc. 2006-10-16 LP 2006-10-4
Ritetime Aviation & Travel Services, Inc., and O. Peter Obafemi 2006-24628
TACA International Airlines, S.A. 2006-9-19
US Airways, Inc. 2006-8-26
Kazar Construction Limited d/b/a Sifton Air 2006-8-23
Mesa Airlines, Inc., d/b/a go! 2006-8-20
SkyWest Airlines, Inc. 2006-8-1
British Airways, PLC 2006-8-7
Grand Circle Corporation, d/b/a Grand Circle Travel and d/b/a Overseas Adventure Travel 2006-7-23
Complaint of Irvin Rosenfeld v. American Airlines, Inc. 2006-7-20
Principal Air Services, LLC, and David C. Bernstein 2006-7-13
Boston-Maine Airways Corp. 2006-7-7
Aerovias del Continente Americano, S.A. 2006-6-18
Platinum Jet hIanagement, LLC, Michael F. Brassington, Andrc Budhan, and Paul Brassington 2006-6-14
Aero Services Corporate, S.A. 2006-4-19
Compania Mexicana de Aviacion S.A. de C.V. 2006-4-18
Simmons Air, Inc. 2006-3-18
Aloha Airlines, Inc. 2006-2-15
Servicios Akreos Professionales, S.A. 2006-2-10
Aéro Péninsule Ltée d/b/a Air Optima 2006-2-6
Capital Airways, Inc. 2005-12-16
Hawaiian Airlines 2005-10-26
Darby Aviation, Inc., d/b/a AlphaJet International 2005-12-1
Starquest Expeditions, Inc. 2005-11-14
Ceres Group, LLC, d/b/a Team Flight Support and Joseph A. DePaulis 2005-11-6
World Airways, Inc. 2005-11-1
Aloha Airlines 2005-10-25
BlueStarJets, LLC 2005-10-24
United Air Lines, Inc. 2005-10-22
Akwaaba Airlines & Tours Limited, d/b/a/ Ahenfo Airlines Limited 2005-10-15
ATA Airlines, Inc. 2005-10-11
El AI Israel Airlines, Ltd. 2005-10-6
AMI Jet Charter, Inc. 2005-9-11
Southern Caribbean Air, Inc. 2005-7-6
Société Air France 2005-7-3
Petition of JetBlue Airways, Inc. for an Exemption from the Requirements of 14 CFR 382.2 1 (a)(2) 2005-6-5
C&M Airways, Inc. 2005-6-2
Grand Casinos, Inc. 2005-5-15
Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) 2005-5-13
Contract Air Cargo, Inc. 2005-3-39
Twin Town Leasing Company d/b/a Twin Air 2005-3-38
Tradewind Aviation, LLC. 2005-3-17
A-Liner-8 Aviation, Inc. 2005-2-4
Air Carrier Association of America 2005-2-1
Tatonduk Outfitters Limited d/b/a Everts Air Alaska and Everts Air Cargo 2004-12-12
Blue Moon Aviation, LLC 2004-11-4
Lone Star Contract Air Cargo, Inc. 2004-10-17
Ferreteria E Implementos San Francisco 2004-10-18
Alaska Airlines, Inc., and Horizon Air, Inc. 2004-10-19
Red Apple Aviation, Inc. 2004-10-14
Third-Party Enforcement Complaint of the Electronic Privacy Center v. Northwest Airlines, Inc. 2004-9-13
Falcon Air Charter, Inc. 2004-9-1
America West Airlines, Inc. 2004-8-19
Frontier Airlines, Inc. 2004-8-20
Calypso Airline, Inc. 2004-8-10
Ameristar Airways, Inc. 2004-8-9
Frontier Airlines, Inc. 2004-8-7
AAA Washington/Inland 2004-8-2
MSG Flight Operations, LLC 2004-7-3
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 2004-6-13
Order of Dismissal Complaint of USTAR v Delta air Lines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Continental Airlines and Northwest Airlines 2004-6-17
Complaint of Irvin Rosenfeld v. Delta Air Lines, Inc. 2004-5-25
Premier Aircraft Management, Inc. 2004-5-11
Brendan Airways, LLC, d/b/a USA3000 Airlines 2004-5-12
Aer Lingus Limited 2004-5-9
Transmeridian Airlines, Inc. 2004-5-4
SatoTravel, Inc. 2004-5-8
Avia Aviation, Ltd. 2004-5-3
Traffic Management Corporation and Contract Cargo Airlines, Inc. 2004-5-1
ATA Airlines, Inc., 2004-4-22
Miami Air International, Inc. 2004-4-15
Continental Airlines, Inc. 2004-4-4
MM&S Airways, LLC 2004-3-29
Professional Airways, LLC 2004-3-30
Executive Airways, LLC 2004-3-28
Complaint of Irvin Rosenfeld v. Delta Air Lines, Inc. 2004-3-27
Northwest Airlines, Inc., 2004-3-4
American Airlines, Inc. Docket OST 2003-15046
Complaint of Lyn-Lea Travel Corp. Against AA and Sabre 2004-2-20
Information Directive Concerning 2004-2-22
DB Air, Ltd. 2004-2-21
Consorcio Aviacsa S.A. de C.V. 2004-2-11
AGS Partnership 2004-2-7
TFI Tours International, Ltd. 2004-2-5
JetBlue Airways, Inc. 2004-2-4
Classic Limited Air, Inc. 2004-1-23
Coastal Mountain Airways, Ltd. 2004-1-19
Spirit Airlines, Inc. 2003-12-26
National Leisure Group, Inc. 2003-12-18
Ryan International Airlines, Inc. 2003-12-15
United Air Lines, Inc. 2003-12-6
DELTA AIR LINES, INC. 2003-11-16
United Air Lines, Inc. 2003-11-13
Frontier Airlines, Inc. 2003-11-5
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 2003-11-4
AirTran Airways 2003-10-11
Third-Party Complaint of AirTran Airways, Inc. v American Airlines, Inc., US Airways, Inc., and United Airlines, Inc. 2003-10-7
US Airways, Inc. 2003-9-26
Air Jamaica, Ltd. 2003-9-5
Ryan International Airlines, Inc. 2003-9-4
Southwest Airlines, Co. 2003-8-30
JetBIue Airways 2003-8-28
America West Airlines 2003-8-29 2003-8-7
America West Airlines, Inc. 2003-7-39
Liberty Travel 2003-7-19
Trans World Airlines, Inc. 2003-7-12
British Airways, PLC 2003-6-29
Flight-Ops International, Inc., d/b/a SkyXpress Airline 2003-6-24
Hobbit Travel, Inc. 2003-6-16
Northwest Airlines, Inc. 2003-6-3
Mohave County Airport Authority, Inc, Allegiant Air, and Sun Country Airlines 2003-5-28
Bellair, Inc. 2003-4-15
Icelandair, Inc. 2003-4-9
US Airways, Inc. 2003-3-19
Flight Alaska, Inc. 2003-3-17
Petition for Rulemaking of Joel Kaufman Re: Ticket Change Penalties 2003-3-11
Complaint of Kyle Heck v. Southwest Airlines, Inc. 2003-3-5
American Airlines, Inc., Complaint of Louise Caplan v. American Airlines 2003-3-1
Viação Aérea Rio-Grandense, S.A. 2003-2-4
A Better Airfare, LLC 2003-1-12
London Air Services Limited 2003-1-9
North Vancouver Airlines, Ltd. 2003-1-7
MLT Vacations, Inc. 2002-12-19
Arthur Solomon and Native Air Charters, Inc. 2002-12-13
Aerolineas Argentinas, S.A. 2002-12-12
Alaska Airlines, Inc. 2002-12-3
Aloha Island Air, Inc., dba Island air, Inc. 2002-12-4
Japan Airlines Company, Ltd. 2002-10-28
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. 2002-10-31
Korean Air Lines Co., Ltd. 2002-10-29
China Airlines, Ltd. 2002-10-30
My Travel North America 2002-10-27
Asiana Airlines, Inc. 2002-10-20
Cheap Seats, Inc. 2002-10-21
North American Airlines, Inc. 2002-10-11
Hotwire, Inc. 2002-10-7
Sky King, Inc. 2002-10-18
Florida Air Transport, Inc. 2002-9-15
Petition for Rulemaking of the Tall Club of Silicon Valley 2002-7-29
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Pacific Coastal Airlines, Ltd. 2002-7-19
Cheap Tickets, Inc. 2002-5-30
Arizona Express Airlines, Inc. 2002-5-9, L.P. 2002-3-28, Incorporated 2002-3-23
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Northwest Airlines, Inc. 2002-3-10
Aero Continente, S.A. 2002-2-12
Northwest Airlines, Inc. 2002-2-11
Louise M. Caplan v. Continental Airlines, Inc. 2002-1-5