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Request to Extend the Compliance Relief Provided by Order 2012-1-2

About this Order

By this order, we are denying the request of Airlines for America, the International Air Transport Association, the Regional Airline Association, and the Air Carrier Association of America (collectively Associations) to extend the compliance relief regarding 14 CFR 399.85(c) and 399.87 provided by Order 2012-1-2 for the reasons discussed below.

The Office of the Assistant General Counsel for Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings (Enforcement Office) will, if appropriate, continue to pursue enforcement action where it finds violations of 14 CFR 399.85(c) and 399.87, which deal with the disclosure and assessment of baggage fees.

However, the Associations are reminded that, when reviewing carrier compliance with these provisions, as in all compliance matters, the Enforcement Office has considerable discretion and will consider the facts of each potential enforcement matter on a case-by-case basis before taking any action.

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