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ROUTES Discretionary Grant Funding Matrix

USDOT has a variety of competitive discretionary grant programs used to fund various types of transportation projects and activities. The matrices shown on the following pages illustrate these programs broadly, organized by applicant type and project activities. After considering the summary information in this toolkit, potential applicants should review program-specific guidance to make informed decisions about each program.

How to use the USDOT Discretionary Grant Funding Matrix

1. Identify the type of applicant interested in grant funding. Applicants are grouped into six categories:

  • State governments, agencies, and authorities: State Departments of Transportation, other State agencies, and interstate compacts
  • Tribal governments: Federally-recognized Tribes
  • Local governments and agencies: Communities, counties, municipalities, local law enforcement, public transportation authorities, and metropolitan planning organizations
  • Transportation providers and operators: Airports, rail carriers, port authorities, transit providers, and private sector transportation companies
  • Non-profit organizations: Public and private non-profit organizations
  • Academic and research institutions: Accredited institutions of higher education

2. Review the list of programs applicable to that applicant type and project activity. To obtain more information on each program, either click on the program name to be taken to the relevant website or find the corresponding program in the “USDOT Mode and Resource Descriptions” section of this toolkit. This section contains additional information about each program, including specific criteria or language related to rural applicants or projects.

3. Reach out to the USDOT program point of contact with questions about the application process or eligibility. Program points of contact should be available on the program websites linked in the matrix or the opportunity.

4. Review program application requirements and proceed with the application process. Consider the “Maximizing Award Success” section of this toolkit for additional guidance related to compiling an application.

5. Monitor updates on after submission and respond to any clarifying questions from the USDOT program point of contact.

Last updated: Thursday, June 17, 2021