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Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) Grant Program

General Grant Program Information

The Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (INFRA) Grant Program (“Nationally Significant Freight & Highway Projects” under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law [BIL]) provides funding for multimodal freight and highway projects of national or regional significance to improve the safety, efficiency, and reliability of the movement of freight and people in and across rural and urban areas. The INFRA program is a competitive program. 

USDOT is combining three major discretionary grant programs—for the Mega, INFRA, and Rural Surface Transportation Grant (Rural) programs—and two fiscal years of funding into one Multimodal Projects Discretionary Grant (MPDG) opportunity to reduce the burden for state and local applicants and increase the pipeline of “shovel-worthy” projects that are now possible because of BIL.

A benefit-cost analysis (BCA) is required for these grant programs. For more information about BCAs, see What Is a BCA? and USDOT's Benefit-Cost Analysis Guidance for Discretionary Grants.

Opportunity Status:
Posted Date:
Close Date:
Eligible Applicants:
State Governments; Local Governments; Federally Recognized Tribes and Affiliated Groups; Planning and Project Organizations
Eligible Activities:
Planning; Construction
Transportation Type:
Bridge Maritime Railway Roadway
Most Recent Annual Program Funding Amount:
$2.7 Billion
Annual Award Amount:
$5 Million - $2.27 Billion
Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement:
Match Waiver:
Rural Set-Aside:
Grant Opportunity ID:
Grant Opportunity Link:
USDOT / Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST)

Eligibility Information

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants for INFRA grants include: 

  1. A State or group of States (for INFRA, the definition of State includes the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico)
  2. A metropolitan planning organization that serves an Urbanized Area (as defined by the Bureau of the Census) with a population of more than 200,000 individuals
  3. A unit of local government or group of local governments
  4. A political subdivision of a State or local government
  5. A special purpose district or public authority with a transportation function, including a port authority
  6. A Federal land management agency that applies jointly with a State or group of States
  7. A Tribal government or a consortium of Tribal governments
  8. A multistate corridor organization
  9. A multistate or multijurisdictional group of entities described above 

Eligible Uses

Eligible project types for INFRA include the following:

  1. A highway freight project on the National Highway Freight Network (NHFN)
  2. A highway or bridge project on the National Highway System 
  3. A freight intermodal, freight rail, or freight project within the boundaries of a public or private freight rail, water (including ports), or intermodal facility and that is a surface transportation infrastructure project necessary to facilitate direct intermodal interchange, transfer, or access into or out of the facility
  4. A highway-railway grade crossing or grade separation project 
  5. A wildlife crossing project 
  6. A surface transportation project within the boundaries or functionally connected to an international border crossing that improves a facility owned by Federal/State/local government and increases throughput efficiency 
  7. A project for a marine highway corridor that is functionally connected to the NHFN and is likely to reduce road mobile source emissions 
  8. A highway, bridge, or freight project on the National Multimodal Freight Network

Funding Information

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provides approximately $8 billion for INFRA over 5 years, of which approximately $2.7 billion will be made available through this NOFO.

See the Notice of Funding Opportunity and the INFRA webpage for additional funding information.

Contact Information

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