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USDOT Grant Funding and Match Requirements

The following resources provide general information on U.S. Department of Transportation grant funding—including match requirements and flexibilities.

Overview of DOT Funding and Financing

What money is available? Learn about potential options—including discretionary grants, formula grants, loan financing, and public-private partnerships—in the Overview of DOT Funding and Financing.

With a calculator at hand, two business people lean over a table and scrutinize multiple printed pages showing bar graphs and pie charts.

Is Federal Funding the Right Fit for My Organization?

Is Federal Funding the Right Fit for My Organization? provides an overview of general grant requirements, from applying through reporting and oversight.

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Understanding Non-Federal Match Requirements

Are local funds required for projects that receive DOT funding? Find out in Understanding Non-Federal Match Requirements.

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Justice40 Match Flexibility

The Justice40 Initiative aims to ensure that 40 percent of the benefits of certain Federal investments flow to disadvantaged communities. As part of the Justice40 whole-of-government initiative, some USDOT grant programs offer non-Federal match flexibility. View a list of Justice40-covered programs with non-Federal match flexibility.

USDOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg meets with stakeholders who are wearing hardhats and safety vests at a freight facility.

Use of DOT Funds for Public Involvement

Can you include public involvement activities in your grant application budget? Find out in this list of frequently asked questions about the Use of DOT Funds for Public Involvement.

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Webinars: Navigating USDOT Funding and Technical Assistance

On the DOT Navigator Webinars page, get information about upcoming webinars related to USDOT funding opportunities and technical assistance and view webinar recordings and presentation slides from past webinars.