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Essential Air Service Reports


The Airline Deregulation Act, passed in 1978, gave airlines almost total freedom to determine which markets to serve domestically and what fares to charge for that service. The Essential Air Service (EAS) program was put into place to guarantee that small communities that were served by certificated air carriers before deregulation maintain a minimal level of scheduled air service. The Department’s mandate is to provide the EAS communities with access to the national air transportation system.  As a general matter, this is accomplished by subsidizing two to four round trips a day -- with three being the norm -- with 19-seat aircraft to a major hub airport.  The Department currently subsidizes commuter airlines to serve approximately 163 rural communities across the country that otherwise would not receive any scheduled air service.




Non-Alaska U.S. Carrier Subsidy ReportsAlaskan Subsidized EAS Reports
2015AprilOctober AprilOctober 
2014JuneNovember JuneNovember 
2013FebruaryNovember FebruaryNovember 
2012MayOctober MayOctober 
2010JanuaryMay JanuaryMay 
2009June  June  
2008AugustNovember AugustNovember 
2006May  May  
2005June  June  
2004MarchJune MarchJune 
2003AprilJune AprilJune 
2002JanuaryJune JanuaryJune 
2001MarchOctober MarchOctober 
2000November  October  
1999JanuaryDecember JanuaryDecember 
1998February  February  
Updated: Monday, October 5, 2015
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