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Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDP)

2015 SCASDP Order Awarding Grants


The Small Community Air Service Development Program (SCASDP), a grant program designed to help small communities address air service and airfare issues, is managed by the Associate Director, Small Community Air Service Development, under the Office of Aviation Analysis.  The Essential Air Service (EAS) and SCASDP programs are separate and unique.  SCASDP’s eligibility criteria are broader and provide a grant applicant the opportunity to self-identify its air service deficiencies and propose an appropriate solution.  EAS is a direct subsidy to air carriers and serves a limited universe of eligible applicants.  Please refer to the EAS website for additional information.  SCASDP can involve, among others, revenue guarantees, financial assistance for marketing programs, start-up costs and studies.

2015 Grant Recipients

By this Order the U.S Department of Transportation (the Department) awards 11 grants under the Small Community Air Service Development Program (Small Community Program - SCASDP) benefitting commnities in 11 states to assist in the implementation of the air service initiatives proposed in their grant applications.  The communities, the amount of funding requested by the communities, and the rationale for each award are listed in the Appendix to this Order.  Award recepients must affirm their grant awards by entering into grant agreements with the Department.  Award recepients may not seek to be reimbursed funds under the Small Community Program until they affirm their grants.

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Questions regarding the program or the filing of proposals should be directed to:

Brooke Chapman

Associate Director
(202) 366-0577

Updated: Wednesday, September 16, 2015
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