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Public Charters


The Department of Transportation’s public charter regulations (14 CFR Part 380) require all persons who wish to arrange public charter flights to first submit and obtain DOT acceptance of a charter prospectus. A charter prospectus comprises a set of documents in which the public charter operator demonstrates that it has taken the steps required by DOT’s public charter regulations. A charter prospectus also includes a flight schedule that may cover a single charter flight or a series of charter flights for up to one year. No charter operator shall operate, sell, receive money from any prospective participant for, or offer to sell or otherwise advertise a charter or series of charters until the Office of International Aviation, U.S. Air Carrier Licensing/Special Authorities Division, has accepted a Public Charter prospectus as described in 14 CFR §380.28.

Application Procedures

Rules and Regulations

Required Forms

Charter Operator Agreements

Public Charter Assurances

Direct Air Carrier Agreements

Waiver for Cruise Line Charters

Lists of Accepted Public Charter Prospectuses

Foreign Charter Operators (FCO)