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Code Sharing


Code sharing is a marketing arrangement in which an airline places its designator code on a flight operated by another airline, and sells tickets for that flight. Airlines throughout the world continue to form code-share arrangements to strengthen or expand their market presence and competitive ability. U.S. and foreign air carriers that want to operate code-shared services, must first obtain authorization from the Department in the form of a Statement of Authorization under Part 212 of the Department’s economic regulations, 14 CFR Part 212. The Department approves the application if it determines that it is in the public interest.

Code Share List

The U.S. Air Carrier Licensing Division’s code-share list is an informal compilation of code-share relationships. As such, it does not represent a complete compilation of all code shares. New code-share relationships are continually being negotiated, and the ones reflected in the attached listing may or may not be still in place or be of a continuing nature. Similarly, the list may not reflect all existing code shares of a particular type, or all existing types of code shares. This list is not an official document of the Department of Transportation and, accordingly, should not be relied upon or cited as such.

Note: This list is comprised of only those carriers whose code-share relationships are of a new or continuing basis. Dormant code-share relationships to the extent known have been deleted.

How Operations Are Assessed

In assessing the public interest benefits, the Department considers whether the code-share operations are provided for in a bilateral agreement between the United States and the homeland government of the foreign air carrier(s) involved, the benefits to the public from expansion of services and fare options, and the the impact the code share would have on airline competition. Before any code-shared operations can be implemented, the U.S. carrier must conduct a safety audit of its foreign carrier code-share partner to ensure that the operations meet acceptable international standards and submit the results of that audit for review by the Federal Aviation Administration.