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Other Special Authorities


Canadian Air Taxi Operators  (CATO)

Canadian operators of small aircraft (fewer than 30 seats) that want to operate transborder charter services between the United States and Canada must register with the Department under Part 294 of the Department’s economic regulations, 14 CFR Part 294 and provide evidence of insurance coverage for their operations by submitting Form 6411 under Part 205 of the Department’s regulations, 14 CFR Part 205.

The Department has simplified the economic licensing process for these carriers, similar to the process for U.S. air taxi operators, because of the limited scope of services by these carriers and the smaller size aircraft that they operate. However, Canadian charter air taxi operators (as do U.S. air taxi operators) must also obtain operating authority from the Federal Aviation Administration to comply with the U.S. Government’s safety regulations (14 CFR 129). To apply for DOT registration, Canadian Charter Air Taxi Operators must submit an application on OST-Form 4505 (click link below) with the Special Authorities Division of the Office of International Aviation. Those applications are listed in the Department’s Weekly List of Un-docketed Applications.

Part 294 Rules

Instructions and Forms

Foreign Air Freight Forwarders (FAFF)

Any person not a citizen of the United States that undertakes the indirect (not operating aircraft) transportation of property either within the United States or outbound from the United States must first register with the U.S. Department of Transportation.  Part 297 of the Department’s economic regulations sets forth the registration requirements (click link below) and the operating rules for these services. Foreign air freight forwarders do not operate aircraft, but legally serve as the principal (rather than an agent) with respect to the responsibility for arranging the transportation of property from the point of receipt to the point of destination and use for the whole or any part of the journey, the services of direct air carriers (airlines).

Part 297 Rules

Instructions and Forms