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A compilation of rules, guidance, enforcement orders and publications on disability issues in aviation.


Rules on disability issues in aviation
Part 382, Passengers with Disabilities  

Current rule

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Rule in effect through May 12, 2009

5/12/2009View PDF

2008 Comprehensive Amendment and Reissuance

5/13/2009View PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

5/13/2009View PDF
Web sites and automated kiosks  

Final Rule


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Fact Sheet - Accessible Kiosks and Websites


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U.S. Airports: captioning, lifts, service animal relief areas, etc.  

Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

09-2011View PDF

49 CFR Part 27: Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Disability in Programs or Activities Receiving Federal Financial Assistance (U.S. Airports) Final Rule

07-2015View PDF
Seat-strapping of wheelchairs  

Final Rule


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Fact Sheet - Seat Strapping


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Re:Petition to stay the effectiveness of wheelchair seat-strapping provision

06/21/2010View PDF
Reporting of Mishandled Baggage and Wheelchairs  

Reporting of Mishandled Baggage and Wheelchairs - Final Rule Issued October 18, 2016

10/18/2016View PDF

Reporting of Mishandled Baggage and Wheelchairs - Extension of the compliance date

03/21/2017View PDF


Guidance on disability issues in aviation
Air Travelers With Developmental Disabilities7/29/2015View PDF
Guidance on transport of portable dialysis machines by air travelers with disabilities6/3/2013View PDF
Additional Guidance: Preboarding of Air Travelers With Disabilities05/29/2013View PDF
Guidance on reporting disability-related complaints12/22/2004View PDF
Disability Rule: Frequently Asked Questions5/13/2009View PDF
Additional Guidance concerning service animals re travel to the United Kingdom7/17/2007View PDF
Guidance concerning service animals re travel to the United Kingdom2/20/2007View PDF
Reporting of Disability-Related Air Travel Complaints7/8/2003View PDF
Service Animal Guidance5/9/2003View PDF

Enforcement Orders

Enforcement Orders on disability issues in aviation
NameOrder No.Document
Frontier Airlines, Inc.2017-7-8View PDF
American Airlines Crowell2017-1-11View PDF
Societe Air France2016-4-9View PDF
British Airways Plc 2016-4-8View PDF
Lufthansa German Airlines2016-4-7View PDF
United Airlines, Inc.2016-1-3View PDF
Turkish Airlines2014-7-18View PDF
American Airlines, Inc.2013-12-4View PDF
US Airways, Inc.2013-11-4View PDF
Virgin America, Inc.2013-9-7View PDF
Victor Cherenfant et al. v. Spirit Airlines, Inc., and Direct Airline Services, Inc.2013-8-20View PDF
Victor Cherenfant et al. v US Airways, Inc. and Direct Airline Services, Inc.2013-8-19View PDF
Jean Benjamin et al. v JetBlue Airways Corp. and Superior Aircraft Services, Inc.2013-8-18View PDF
Frank Drum v. Southwest Airlines Co. and PrimeFlight Airline Services2013-8-17View PDF
Kyla Thorington et al v. United Airlines, Inc. , and PrimeFlight Airline Services2013-8-16View PDF
Onetha McKnight et al. v. US Airways, Inc., and PrimeFlight Airline Services2013-8-15View PDF
Southwest Airlines Co.2013-5-1View PDF
AeroSvit Airlines2012-11-6View PDF
Dismissal Order2012-9-7View PDF
Virgin America, Inc.2012-5-22View PDF
Frontier Airlines, Inc.2012-4-15View PDF
Allegiant Air, LLC2012-2-10View PDF
Spirit Airlines, Inc.2012-1-20View PDF
Atlantic Southeast Airlines2011-7-4View PDF
Icelandair Group, aka Flugleidir, h.f, d/b/a Icelandair2011-5-13View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc.2011-2-10View PDF
Mesaba Aviation, Inc.2011-1-4View PDF
JetBlue Airways Corp.2010-12-17View PDF
AirTran Airways2010-8-14View PDF
Compania Panamena de Aviation, S.A.2010-7-15View PDF
Cayman Airways Limited2010-6-21View PDF
Continental Airlines, Inc.2010-5-9View PDF
Bahamasair Limited Holdings2010-2-27View PDF
TAM Linhas Aereas, S.A.2010-1-8View PDF
Jetstar Airways Pty Limited ABN 33 069 720 2432009-10-17View PDF
Order of Dismissal Complaint of Tim Maddox/Xiomara Osorio2008-12-5View PDF
Primaris Airlines, Inc.2008-9-31View PDF
Compania Mexicana de Aviacion, S.A. de C.V.2008-4-6View PDF
Isair Airlines and Tourism Ltd.2007-12-4View PDF
Eurofly, S.p.A.2007-10-25View PDF
Cayman Airways2007-10-19View PDF
Air New Zealand2007-10-8View PDF
Alia-Royal Jordanian Airlines2007-9-19View PDF
Lloyd Aereo Boliviano, S.A.2007-9-11View PDF
Skyservice Airlines Inc.2006-12-26View PDF
United Airlines2006-10-17View PDF
US Airways, Inc.2006-8-26View PDF
British Airways, PLC2006-8-7View PDF
Complaint of Irvin Rosenfeld v. American Airlines, Inc.2006-7-20View PDF
Aerovias del Continente Americano, S.A.2006-6-18View PDF
Aloha Airlines, Inc.2006-2-15View PDF
Hawaiian Airlines2005-10-26View PDF
Aloha Airlines2005-10-25View PDF
United Air Lines, Inc.2005-10-22View PDF
Petition of JetBlue Airways, Inc. for an Exemption from the Requirements of 14 CFR 382.2 1 (a)(2)2005-6-5View PDF
America West Airlines, Inc.2004-8-19View PDF
Complaint of Irvin Rosenfeld v. Delta Air Lines, Inc.2004-5-25View PDF
ATA Airlines, Inc.2004-4-22View PDF
Complaint of Irvin Rosenfeld v. Delta Air Lines, Inc.2004-3-27View PDF
Northwest Airlines, Inc.2004-3-4View PDF
United Air Lines, Inc.2003-12-6View PDF
Frontier Airlines, Inc.2003-11-5View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc.2003-11-4View PDF
AirTran Airways2003-10-11View PDF
Ryan International Airlines, Inc.2003-9-4View PDF
Southwest Airlines, Co.2003-8-30View PDF
America West Airlines2003-8-29View PDF
JetBIue Airways2003-8-28View PDF
Liberty Travel2003-7-19View PDF
Trans World Airlines, Inc.2003-7-12View PDF
Northwest Airlines, Inc.2003-6-3View PDF
Mohave County Airport Authority, Inc, Allegiant Air, and Sun Country Airlines2003-5-28View PDF
US Airways, Inc.2003-3-19View PDF
Complaint of Kyle Heck v. Southwest Airlines, Inc.2003-3-5View PDF
American Airlines, Inc., Complaint of Louise Caplan v. American Airlines2003-3-1View PDF
Aloha Island Air, Inc., dba Island air, Inc.2002-12-4View PDF
Alaska Airlines, Inc.2002-12-3View PDF
Petition for Rulemaking of the Tall Club of Silicon Valley2002-7-36View PDF
Louise M. Caplan v. Northwest Airlines, Inc.2002-7-21View PDF
Linda G. Cook and Emma P. Duggan v. Northwest Airlines, Inc.2002-3-15View PDF
Northwest Airlines, Inc.2002-3-10View PDF
Louise M. Caplan v. Continental Airlines, Inc.2002-1-5View PDF

Other Documents

Agreement by and between All Nippon Airways and US Department of Transportation - Website Accessibility10/23/2017View PDF
Agreement by and between Spirit Airlines and US Department of Transportation - Accessible Airport Kiosk10/23/2017View PDF
Agreement by and between Alaska Airlines/Virgin America and US Department of Transportation - Accessible Airport Kiosk10/23/2017View PDF
Agreement by and between Southwest Airlines and US Department of Transportation - Accessible Airport Kiosk11/1/2016View PDF


Publications on disability issues in aviation
New Horizons: Information for the Air Traveler with a DisabilityView Link
Plane Talk: Passenger with DisabilitiesView Link
Suggested Guidelines for Accessible Lavatories in Twin-Aisle AircraftView PDF
Passengers With Disabilities: Model Training Program for Airlines[HOLD]
Status reports on implementation of the Air Carrier Access Act for airline passengers with disabilities[HOLD]
Air Travelers with Disabilities: Technical Assistance Manual for Airline Employees, Contractors, and TravelersView PDF
Annual Report on Disability-Related Air Travel ComplaintsView Link

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