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A compilation of the most recent rules, guidance, enforcement orders and other related information regarding aviation baggage issues.


Name Date Document
14 CFR Part 254 - Domestic Baggage Liability   Link
Final Rule: Implementing Certain Provisions of the TICKETS Act and Revisions to Denied Boarding Compensation and Domestic Baggage Liability Limit 1/13/2021 Link
Reporting of Mishandled Baggage and Wheelchairs - Extension of the compliance date 3/21/2017 Link
Final Rule: Reporting of Mishandled Baggage and Wheelchairs  11/2/2016 Link
Response to petition to delay the effective date of 14 CFR 399.85(c) and 399.87 1/6/2012 View PDF
Final Rule: Enhancing Airline Passenger Protections II  4/25/2011 Link
Final Rule: Enhancing Airline Passenger Protections I 12/30/2009 Link


Name Date Document
Notice - Inflation Adjustments to Liability Limits Governed by the Montreal Convention 1/17/2020 Link
Enforcement Policy Regarding Reporting of Mishandled Baggage and Wheelchair Data 11/01/2018 View PDF
Enforcement Notice - Airline Reporting of Data on Mishandled Baggage, Wheelchairs, and Scooters 10/23/2018 View PDF
Notice - Damage to wheels, handles, and other components of checked baggage 11/25/2015 View PDF
DOT Presentation - Baggage Provisions in the Enhancing Airline Passenger Protections II 4/25/2012 View PPT
Limits on baggage settlements 10/9/2009 View PDF
Baggage liability on international codeshare trips 3/26/2009 View PDF

Enforcement Orders 

Name Order No. Document
Allegiant Air, LLC. 2018-1-6 View PDF
Southwest Airlines, Co. 2018-1-5 View PDF
Frontier Airlines, Inc. 2017-8-27 View PDF
Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. 2015-5-17 View PDF
JetBlue Airways Corporation 2014-2-9 View PDF
British Airways Plc 2013-7-11 View PDF
Korean Airlines Co., Ltd. 2013-7-5 View PDF
Malaysia Airline System BHd 2012-11-26 View PDF
Jetstar Airways, Pty Limited 2012-10-2 View PDF
Air China, Limited 2012-9-18 View PDF
Compagnie Nationale Royal Air Maroc 2012-8-27 View PDF
Santa Barbara Airlines 2012-8-4 View PDF
Request to Extend the Compliance Relief Provided by Order 2012-1-2 2012-7-23 View PDF
Alitalia Compagnia Aerea Italiana SpA 2012-1-15 View PDF
Caribbean Airlines Limited 2011-10-20 View PDF
Aerovias de Intergración Regional, AIRES, S.A. 2011-10-2 View PDF
Emirates 2011-8-24 View PDF
United Air Lines, Inc. 2011-8-7 View PDF
Deutsche Lufthansa AG 2011-6-18 View PDF
Societe Air France 2010-12-26 View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 2010-10-23 View PDF
EL A Israel Airlines 2010-9-32 View PDF
Spirit Airlines, Inc. 2009-9-8 View PDF

Other Documents

Name Document
Data regarding mishandled baggage is available in the DOT’s Air Travel Consumer Reports Link