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A compilation of rules, guidance, enforcement orders and publications on discrimination in aviation.


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Guidance on Aviation Rules for Discrimination
Nondiscrimination in airport security screening (frequently asked questions)11/19/2001[Hold]
Security: FAA guidance on nondiscrimination on the basis of disability or national origin11/16/2001[Hold]
Nondiscrimination in inspection and safety duties10/12/2001[Hold]

Enforcement Orders

Enforcement Order Regarding Aviation Discrimination Rules
NameOrder No.Document
Atlantic Southeast Airlines2012-5-2View PDF
United Air Lines, Inc.2011-11-2View PDF
United Airlines2006-10-17View PDF
US Airways, Inc.2006-8-26View PDF
British Airways, PLC2006-8-7View PDF
America West Airlines, Inc.2004-8-19View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc.2004-6-13View PDF
Continental Airlines, Inc.2004-4-4View PDF
Complaint of Irvin Rosenfeld v. Delta Air Lines, Inc.2004-3-27View PDF
United Air Lines, Inc.2003-11-13View PDF
Louise M. Caplan v. Northwest Airlines, Inc.2002-7-21View PDF
Linda G. Cook and Emma P. Duggan vs. Northwest Airlines, Inc.2002-3-15View PDF
Northwest Airlines, Inc.2002-3-10View PDF
Louise M. Caplan v. Continental Airlines, Inc.2002-1-5View PDF
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