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DOT Rule 49 CFR Part 40 Section 40.47

Subpart D - Collection Sites, Forms, Equipment and Supplies Used in DOT Urine and Oral Fluid Collections

§ 40.47 Where does an oral fluid collection for a DOT drug test take place?

(a) An oral fluid collection for a DOT drug test must take place in a collection site meeting the requirements of this section. 

(b) If you are operating an oral fluid collection site: 

  1. You must ensure that it meets the security requirements of § 40.48
  2. The site may be a permanent or temporary facility located either at the work site or at a remote site; 
  3. The site may be in a medical facility, a mobile facility (e.g., a van), a dedicated collection facility, or any other location meeting the requirements of this section; and 
  4. You must have all necessary personnel, materials, equipment, and facilities that include privacy and supervision to provide for the collection, temporary storage, and shipping of specimens to a laboratory, and a suitable clean surface for writing. 

(c) If a collection site is not accessible and there is an immediate requirement to collect an oral fluid specimen (e.g., an accident investigation), another site may be used for the collection, if the collection is performed by a collector who has been trained to collect oral fluid specimens in accordance with this part and the manufacturer's procedures for the collection device. 

[88 FR 27640, May 2, 2023]