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'Back to Basics' for Service Agents

The Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy and Compliance (ODAPC) is introducing a short series of reminders called “Back to Basics” for service agents (e.g., collectors, Medical Review Officers, etc).  Doing it right is important for protecting the safety of the traveling public, protecting the integrity of the testing process, and making sure that the process is fair to employees.  “Back to Basics” points out the more common issues we hear about regarding the drug and alcohol testing process.  This is not a checklist for service agents but a reminder that their role is very important and crucial to the drug and alcohol testing process.  We want to remind service agents to “Do it right the first time, and every time”. 

You can view the 'Back to Basics' documents as they become available:

- The urine collector (May 2023)

- Medical Review Officer (June 2023)

- Substance Abuse Professional (August 2023)

- Breath Alcohol Technician/Screening Test Technician (Oct 2023)