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Public Interest Exclusion (PIE)


The final rule includes a public interest exclusion (PIE) mechanism designed to protect the public from the affects of serious noncompliance by service agents. The PIE provision became effective January 18, 2001.

A service agent who engages in serious misconduct could be excluded from participating in DOT-required drug and alcohol testing for a period of time. All individuals or organizations listed here are excluded from participating in Department’s drug and alcohol testing programs until further notice.                       

List of Excluded Drug and Alcohol Service Agents:

In the Matter of:  Elizabeth Betsy Pope d/b/a Eastgate Laboratory Testing.  DOT PIE No. 2015-1

Name and Address of Service Agent:
Elizabeth Betsy Pope d/b/a Eastgate Laboratory Testing in Tennessee and in all other places that it is doing business.
Other Persons or Organizations:
Excluded from acting as a service agent or providing any drug and alcohol testing services to any DOT regulated entity.
[beginning & end dates]:
August 18, 2015 – August 18, 2020
Updated: Monday, November 2, 2015
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