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DOT Rule 49 CFR Part 40 Section 40.301

Subpart O - Substance Abuse Professionals and the Return-to-Duty Process

§ 40.301 What is the SAP's function in the follow-up evaluation of an employee?

(a) As a SAP, after you have prescribed assistance under §40.293, you must re-evaluate the employee to determine if the employee has successfully carried out your education and/or treatment recommendations.
(1) This is your way to gauge for the employer the employee's ability to demonstrate successful compliance with the education and/or treatment plan.
(2) Your evaluation may serve as one of the reasons the employer decides to return the employee to safety-sensitive duty.
(b) As the SAP making the follow-up evaluation determination, you must:
(1) Confer with or obtain appropriate documentation from the appropriate education and/or treatment program professionals where the employee was referred; and
(2) Conduct a clinical interview meeting the requirements of §40.291(a)(1) with the employee to determine if the employee demonstrates successful compliance with your initial evaluation recommendations.
(c) (1) If the employee has demonstrated successful compliance, you must provide a written report directly to the DER highlighting your clinical determination that the employee has done so with your initial evaluation recommendation (see §40.311(d)).
(2) You may determine that an employee has successfully demonstrated compliance even though the employee has not yet completed the full regimen of education and/or treatment you recommended or needs additional assistance. For example, if the employee has successfully completed the 30-day in-patient program you prescribed, you may make a “successful compliance” determination even though you conclude that the employee has not yet completed the out-patient counseling you recommended or should continue in an aftercare program.
(d)(1) As the SAP, if you believe, as a result of the follow-up evaluation, that the employee has not demonstrated successful compliance with your recommendations, you must provide written notice directly to the DER (see §40.311(e)).
(2) As an employer who receives the SAP's written notice that the employee has not successfully complied with the SAP's recommendations, you must not return the employee to the performance of safety-sensitive duties.
(3) As the SAP, you may conduct additional follow-up evaluation(s) if the employer determines that doing so is consistent with the employee's progress as you have reported it and with the employer's policy and/or labor-management agreements.
(4) As the employer, following a SAP report that the employee has not demonstrated successful compliance, you may take personnel action consistent with your policy and/or labor-management agreements.
[65 FR 79526, Dec. 19, 2000, as amended at 88 FR 27650, May 2, 2023]