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Projects Financed by TIFIA

List of Active Projects
Project Name Project Cost TIFIA Assistance Primary Revenue Pledge FY Closed
Hampton Roads Regional Priority Projects $1,570 M $503 M Motor Fuel Tax Revenues, Sales Tax Revenues FY2020
Complete 540 Phase 1 $1,520 M $502 M Toll Revenues FY2020
Federal Way Extension $3,000 M $629.5 M Tax Revenues FY2020
Lynnwood Link Extension $3,124.8 M $657.9 M Sales Tax Revenues FY2019
Grand Parkway Segments H&I $1,924 M $605.33 M Toll Revenues FY2019
Manor Expressway Phase III $143 M $46.94 M Toll Revenues FY2019
SBCTA I-10 Express Lanes $928.9 M $225 M Toll Revenues FY2019
Transform 66 - Outside the Beltway $3,724 M $1,229 M Toll Revenues FY2018
MBTA Positive Train Control $516.7 M $162 M Sales Tax Revenues FY2018
Central 70 $1,270.8 M $416 M Availability Payments FY2018
I-405 Improvement Project $1,908.1 M $628.93 M Toll Revenues FY2017
Moynihan Train Hall $1,850 M $526.1 M FY2017
35Express $1,303 M $285 M Toll Revenues FY2017
Parallel Thimble Shoal Tunnel Project $1,074 M $338.5 M Toll Revenues FY2017
Northgate Link Extension $1,864 M $615.3 M Sales Tax Revenues FY2017
Westside Purple Line Extension, Section 2 $2,411 M $307 M Sales Tax Revenues FY2017
Monroe Expressway $800 M $166.5 M Toll Revenues FY2017
C-470 Express Lanes $325.1 M $106.95 M Toll Revenues FY2017
BelRed Street Network $323.2 M $99.6 M State or Local Appropriations FY2017
Sound Transit Operations & Maintenance Satellite Facility: East $265.6 M $87.7 M Sales Tax Revenues FY2017
Mid-Coast Corridor $2,017 M $537.5 M Sales Tax Revenues FY2017
I-15 Express Lanes Project $461.3 M $152.2 M Toll Revenues FY2017
US-183S Bergstrom Expressway $859.6 M $282.2 M Project Revenues FY2016
US 301 $635.893 M $211.235 M Toll Revenues FY2016
Chicago Transit Authority Rail Fleet Replacement Project $772.49 M $254.9 M Farebox Revenues FY2016
State Highway (SH) 288 Toll Lanes Project $1,063.5 M $357 M Toll Revenues FY2016
I-93 Improvements Salem to Manchester Project $811.7 M $200 M Motor Fuel Tax Revenues, State or Local Appropriations FY2016
Purple Line Project $2,650 M $874.6 M Availability Payments FY2016
East Link Extension $4,031 M $1,330 M Tax Revenues FY2015
CTA Blue Line Project $408.7 M $120 M Farebox Revenues FY2015
Wekiva Parkway $587.4 M $193.7 M Toll Revenues FY2015
Portsmouth Bypass $634.3 M $209 M Availability Payments FY2015
Ohio River Bridges East End Crossing $1,319 M $162 M State or Local Appropriations FY2015
I-77 HOT Lanes Project $635.8 M $189 M Toll Revenues FY2015
CATS LYNX Blue Line Extension $1,160 M $180 M State or Local Appropriations FY2015
Grand Parkway Segments D–G $2,913 M $841 M Toll Revenues FY2014
Regional Connector Transit Corridor $1,399 M $160 M Sales Tax Revenues FY2014
U.S. 36 Managed Lane / Bus Rapid Transit Project: Phase 2 [38] $175 M $60 M Toll Revenues FY2014
CTA 95th Street Terminal Improvement $240 M $79 M Farebox Revenues FY2014
Westside Purple Line Extension, Section 1 $2,648 M $856 M Sales Tax Revenues FY2014
Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement $1,288 M $325 M Port Revenues FY2014
I-4 Ultimate Project $2,877 M $949 M Availability Payments FY2014
Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project $5,684 M $1,876 M State or Local Appropriations, Toll Revenues FY2014
Goethals Bridge Replacement $1,436 M $474 M Availability Payments FY2014
Ohio River Bridges Downtown Crossing $1,452 M $452 M User Charges FY2014
Northwest Corridor $834 M $275 M User Charges FY2014
SR 520 Floating Bridge $2,736 M $300 M User Charges FY2013
I-95 HOV / Hot Lanes $923 M $300 M User Charges FY2013
Dallas Area Rapid Transit Project Orange Line Extension (I-3) $397 M $120 M Sales Tax Revenues FY2013
Riverwalk Expansion $419.5 M $99 M Motor Fuel Tax Revenues, Project Revenues FY2013
SR 91 Corridor Improvement $1,279 M $421 M User Charges FY2013
Chicago O'Hare International Airport Consolidated Joint Use Facility $876 M $288 M Facility Rents, User Charges FY2013
North Tarrant Express (Segments 3A and 3B) $1,637 M $531 M User Charges FY2013
Eagle Project $2,047 M $280 M Tax Revenues FY2012
Downtown / Midtown Tunnel $2,089 M $422 M User Charges FY2012
Presidio Parkway [56] $852 M $150 M Availability Payments FY2012
Crenshaw / LAX Transit Corridor $1,749 M $546 M Sales Tax Revenues FY2012
U.S. 36 Managed Lane / Bus Rapid Transit Project: Phase 1 [58] $307 M $54 M Toll Revenues FY2011
Port of Miami Tunnel $1,073 M $341 M Availability Payments FY2010
Transbay Transit Center $1,189 M $171 M Real Estate Tax Increments FY2010
IH 635 Managed Lanes $2,615 M $850 M User Charges FY2010
I-595 Corridor Roadway Improvements $1,834 M $603 M Toll Revenues FY2009
Capital Beltway High Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lanes $1,938 M $589 M User Charges FY2008
SH 130 (Segments 5 and 6) $1,328 M $430 M User Charges FY2007
Intercounty Connector $2,569 M $516 M User Charges FY2007
Interlink $280 M $42 M User Charges FY2006
LA 1 Improvements $372 M $122 M State or Local Appropriations FY2005
Miami Intermodal Center $2,043 M $270 M User Charges FY1999
Note 38: The TIFIA Project includes both Phases 1 and 2.
Note 56: Presidio project costs ($852 million) include Phases 1 and 2 and credit amount is based on two tranches of TIFIA debt.
Note 58: The TIFIA Project includes both Phases 1 and 2.
Project Name Project Cost TIFIA Assistance Primary Revenue Pledge FY Closed
New NY (Tappan Zee) Bridge Replacement $4,979 M $1,600 M Project Revenues FY2014
President George Bush Turnpike Western Extension $1,268 M $418 M User Charges FY2011
North Tarrant Express Segments 1 and 2A $2,047 M $650 M User Charges FY2010
Denver Union Station $518.6 M $146 M Real Estate Tax Increments FY2010
Triangle Expressway $1,172 M $387 M User Charges FY2009
Pocahontas Parkway / Richmond Airport Connector $597 M $150 M User Charges FY2007
LA 1 Improvements - Phase 1 [7] $372 M $66 M User Charges FY2005
183-A Turnpike $304.7 M $66 M User Charges FY2005
South Bay Expressway $658 M $140 M User Charges FY2003
Central Texas Turnpike System $3,250 M $900 M User Charges FY2002
Reno Transportation Rail Access Corridor $280 M $51 M Room Tax Revenues FY2001
Cooper River Bridge Replacement $675 M $215 M Infrastructure Bank Loan Repayments FY2000
Staten Island Ferries and Terminals $482 M $159 M Tobacco Settlement Revenues FY2000
Washington Metro Capital Improvement Program $2,324 M $600 M Interjurisdictional Funding Agreements FY1999
Tren Urbano $2,250 M $300 M Tax Revenues FY1999
Miami Intermodal Center (FDOT Elements) [16] $269 M Motor Fuel Tax Revenues FY1999
Note 7: Project Cost included in TIFIA Number 20131007A.
Note 16: * Total cost included in TIFIA loan number 19991002B
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