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EV Planning Resources: Technology Options

This section compiles resources and tools for EV infrastructure planning and implementation. Resources are organized by subject area and are labeled with resource type—namely, calculators and software, datasets and maps, and additional guidance and reference.

ENERGY STAR Electric Vehicle Charger Buying Guidance

Find and compare ENERGY STAR certified electric vehicle chargers.
Among ENERGY STAR's Electric Vehicle Charger Buying Guidance, users can find and compare ENERGY STAR certified EV chargers. 

EPA – Guidance/Reference

Webpage that describes the types of EV chargers and the value of EPA's ENERGY STAR product label. Links to a searchable database of ENERGY STAR certified EV chargers. Also links to additional resources for specific users such as property managers, fleet managers, and government agencies.

Access ENERGY STAR's Electric Vehicle Charger Buying Guidance.

SmartWay Technology

EPA – Guidance/Reference

The EPA SmartWay program offers guidance, benchmarking tools, and resources for improving fuel efficiency and reducing harmful air emissions from freight transportation. Technical resources include information on EPA-verified cleaner, fuel saving technologies and auxiliary power systems including shore power for trucks, locomotives, and oceangoing vessels.

Learn about EPA’s SmartWay program.

Learn about SmartWay Technology.

Access SmartWay Heavy-Duty Truck Electrification Resources (for heavy-duty fleets).

Electric Vehicle Charger Selection Guide

A sampling of electric vehicle charger models, including ABB, AeroVironment TurboDock, and Blink single port.
The California Energy Commission's Electric Vehicle Charger Selection Guide includes product photos of various electric vehicle charger models.

California Energy Commission – Guidance/Reference

This guide is to help site hosts and others learn about, evaluate, and compare the features of EV charging equipment, including both hardware and software.

Access the California Energy Commission's Electric Vehicle Charger Selection Guide.

Get Equipped

Plug In America – Guidance/Reference

Webpage with filterable lists of Level 2 home chargers, EV-related software, and charger add-ons. Also includes data and results from EV battery user surveys.

Access Plug In America's Get Equipped page.

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