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Micromobility Partners

Deploying micromobility charging infrastructure, shown in the figure below, involves a smaller ecosystem of partners including shared micromobility providers, micromobility charging infrastructure providers, and site hosts. Shared micromobility providers are public or private entities that own, manage, and operate shared micromobility fleets (e.g., bikeshare and scooter share). Partnerships with these providers are critical to bringing shared micromobility to rural communities.

Providers’ operations vary, and they may charge micromobility devices through on-street charging at docking stations, swapping removable batteries and charging them offsite, or charging the entire device remotely. On-site charging for shared and/or privately-owned micromobility devices may be deployed in partnership with the site hosts identified in the previous section of this toolkit. Below are examples of shared micromobility charging infrastructure for e-bikes and e-scooters.



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