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EV Infrastructure Funding and Financing for Rural Areas

File folders bearing the tab titles "Grants" and "Funding."Since EV charging infrastructure can require significant capital investment, grants and loans may be necessary to make EV infrastructure projects feasible for many rural entities. A variety of Federal, State, and local funding and financing options can be used for EV charging infrastructure.

Navigating funding programs can present barriers for applicants that have fewer staff or resources to devote to grant writing and other funding and financing related activities. The programs identified in this toolkit can serve as a starting place for this research. 

This section focuses on Federal programs and provides tips and guidance for navigating the Federal funding process in the following subsections: 

Overview of Federal Funding and Financing Programs

Overview of Federal Funding and Financing Programs describes the types of programs available through Federal agencies.

Federal Funding Application Process

Federal Funding Application Process gives an overview of how to apply for grants, loans, and other financial assistance through a Federal program.

Funding Eligibility Definitions

Funding Eligibility Definitions provides definitions to help guide rural entities through determining their eligibility for funding programs.

Federal Funding Programs

Federal Funding Programs lists major programs available for EV charging in rural areas.

Additional Funding Resources

Additional Funding Resources describes resources for identifying funding sources administered by States, local governments, and utilities.

Rural EV Infrastructure Funding Table

In addition, the Rural EV Infrastructure Funding  Table  includes a comprehensive list of relevant Federal programs. Many of the programs referenced in this section are specific to EV infrastructure, while others have broader eligibility but are still applicable for certain EV-related activities. 

Identifying funding options can happen concurrently to other activities described in this toolkit, such as researching sites and planning infrastructure. Rural entities need not (and usually should not) wait until completing other steps before beginning the funding search. 

After using this toolkit to identify potential funding sources, contact the applicable department or office with questions about program requirements and timing. See Initial Points of Contact for field staff contact information for Federal agencies discussed in this toolkit.

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