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EV Planning Resources: Educational Materials

This section compiles resources and tools for EV infrastructure planning and implementation. Resources are organized by subject area and are labeled with resource type—namely, calculators and software, datasets and maps, and additional guidance and reference.

Workplace Charging Employer Workshop Toolkit

A page from the handout “PEV Outreach Resources for Employees” showing Plug-in Electric Vehicle Support Networks.
DOE’s Workplace Charging Employer Workshop Toolkit includes PEV Outreach Resources for Employees. 

DOE – Guidance/Reference

Guidance from DOE Clean Cities on hosting informational events with employers to educate them on workplace charging programs. Webpage includes sample materials and templates both for meeting hosts (e.g., a workshop agenda template) and for the employers/potential workplace charging hosts who attend the events (e.g., employee interest surveys and outreach materials).

Access DOE's Workplace Charging Employer Workshop Toolkit.

Building Partnerships to Meet Plug In Electric Vehicle Goals

DOE – Guidance/Reference

Webinar by DOE Clean Cities featuring rural electric cooperatives and coordinators sharing ways to build partnerships to meet EV goals.

Watch video from the DOE Clean Cities webinar "Building Partnerships to Meet Plug In Electric Vehicle Goals" and access slides from the webinar.

Alternative Fuels Corridor Webinars

USDOT FHWA – Guidance/Reference

A list of past convenings and webinars on the Alternative Fuels Corridor initiative, with links to the event recordings for reference.

Access FHWA's Alternative Fuels Corridor Webinars.

Electric Truck Bootcamps

Run On Less Electric's Electric Truck Bootcamp.
The Electric Truck Bootcamp is a 10-part educational series on electric trucks.

North American Council on Freight Efficiency – Guidance/Reference

An educational series by the North American Council on Freight Efficiency about electric trucks, appropriate for fleet managers, utility planners, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

Access the North American Council on Freight Efficiency's Electric Truck Bootcamp trainings.

Northern New England Rural EV Adoption Toolkit

Vermont Energy Investment Corporation – Guidance/Reference

Guide to the adoption of EVs and charging infrastructure in rural communities in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Includes information on EVs, charging infrastructure, EV purchase incentives, equitable planning, and education and outreach. 

Access Northern New England Rural EV Adoption Toolkit

Tahoe-Truckee EV Toolkit

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency – Guidance/Reference

Guide to transportation electrification in the Tahoe-Truckee Region in California. This toolkit includes information on charging destinations and utilities as well as information for residents and visitors, local government, and fleet managers.  

Access the Tahoe-Truckee EV Toolkit

Planning for Electric Vehicles

Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington – Guidance/Reference

Guide to planning for electric vehicles and charging infrastructure for local governments in Washington State. This resource includes information on Washington State statutes for EVs, local codes for EV infrastructure, and local incentives and resources. 

Access  Planning for Electric Vehicles

Flipping the Switch on Electric School Buses (2022)

NREL – Guidance/Reference

Technical assistance video series for K-12 schools interested in implementing electric school buses, including introduction to electric buses, key decision factors, charging infrastructure, and vehicle availability.

Access  Flipping the Switch on Electric School Buses (2022)

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