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EV Planning Resources: Environmental and Social Impact

This section compiles resources and tools for EV infrastructure planning and implementation. Resources are organized by subject area and are labeled with resource type—namely, calculators and software, datasets and maps, and additional guidance and reference.

CMAQ Emissions Calculator Toolkit

CMAQ Emissions Calculator Toolkit.
FHWA's CMAQ Emissions Calculator Toolkit enables users to generate estimates of a project's air quality benefits.

USDOT FHWA – Calculator/Software

Series of tools to generate estimates of a project's air quality benefits. FHWA developed these tools to help project sponsors with both project justification and annual reporting for the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) Program. The Alternative Fuels Tool within this suite of tools calculates emissions benefits for projects purchasing EVs and related charging infrastructure.

Access the CMAQ Emissions Calculator Toolkit.

Transit Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimator

USDOT FTA – Calculator/Software

A Microsoft Excel-based tool that estimates annual GHG emissions of transit projects based on the construction, operation, and/or maintenance phases of transit facilities and vehicles. Provides coarse but informative estimates for a broad range of transit projects.

Access the Transit Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimator.

Transit Bus Electrification Tool

USDOT FTA - Calculator/Software

A Microsoft Excel-based spreadsheet tool that allows users to estimate the partial lifecycle of GHG emission savings associated with replacing standard bus fleets with low-emission or zero-emission transit buses. 

Access the Transit Bus Electrification Tool

Green Vehicle Guide: Electric Vehicle Myths

EPA – Guidance/Reference

A list of five common myths around light-duty EVs regarding their impact on the climate and technological capabilities.

Access the Green Vehicle Guide's Electric Vehicle Myths.

Co-Benefits Risk Assessment (COBRA)

EPA – Calculator/Software

Screening tool that enables State, local, and Tribal government staff and others interested in the effects of air pollution to estimate the air quality and health benefits of different emissions scenarios.

Access the Co-Benefits Risk Assessment Health Impacts Screening and Mapping Tool (COBRA).

Toolfinder: Tools and Resources for Measuring Electrification Impacts

Screenshot of a question from EPA's Toolfinder that asks users to select what implementation level you are interested in: individual level, neighborhood level, city level, national level, building level, zip code level, or state level.
EPA's toolfinder helps users select tools and resources to measure the environmental and economic impacts of current and prospective electrification initiatives.

EPA – Guidance/Reference

Sortable collection of tools and resources to evaluate the environmental and economic impacts of electrification initiatives. Users answer eight screening questions to receive a list of tools and resources appropriate for assessing their programs.

Access the Tools and Resources for Measuring Electrification Impacts Toolfinder.

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