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DOT Rule 49 CFR Part 40 Section 40.127 Q&A

§40.127                                                                     09/01
How should the MRO’s review of negative results processed by the MRO’s staff take place?
• The MRO’s personal review of the MRO’s staff work (to include the CCFs, lab results documentation, corrective documents, and results reports to employers) should be spread throughout the quarter.
• Even if the MRO has reviewed the required 500 per quarter, the MRO must still review all those that needed corrective actions.
• The MRO need not review a sampling from all employers or transportation industries he or she serves.
• The MRO must provide documentation of the CCF quality assurance review to DOT agency representatives regardless of their DOT agency affiliation (e.g., an FRA inspector can obtain and review documents generated from an FAA-sanctioned test). Part 40 is a One-DOT effort.