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DOT Rule 49 CFR Part 40 Section 40.255

Subpart M - Alcohol Confirmation Tests

§ 40.255 What happens next after the alcohol confirmation test result?
(a) After the EBT has printed the result of an alcohol confirmation test, you must, as the BAT, take the following additional steps:
(1) Sign and date Step 3 of the ATF.
(2) If the alcohol confirmation test result is lower than 0.02, nothing further is required of the employee. As the BAT, you must sign and date Step 3 of the ATF.
(3) If the alcohol confirmation test result is 0.02 or higher, direct the employee to sign and date Step 4 of the ATF. If the employee does not do so, you must note this on the “Remarks” line of the ATF. However, this is not considered a refusal to test.
(4) If the test is invalid, tell the employee the test is cancelled and note the problem on the “Remarks” line of the ATF. If practicable, conduct a re-test. (see §40.271).
(5) Immediately transmit the result directly to the DER in a confidential manner.
(i) You may transmit the results using Copy 1 of the ATF, in person, by telephone, or by electronic means. In any case, you must immediately notify the DER of any result of 0.02 or greater by any means (e.g., telephone or secure fax machine) that ensures the result is immediately received by the DER. You must not transmit these results through C/TPAs or other service agents.
(ii) If you do not make the initial transmission in writing, you must follow up the initial transmission with Copy 1 of the ATF.
(b) As an employer, you must take the following steps with respect to the receipt and storage of alcohol test result information:
(1) If you receive any test results that are not in writing (e.g., by telephone or electronic means), you must establish a mechanism to establish the identity of the BAT sending you the results.
(2) You must store all test result information in a way that protects confidentiality.