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The Department of Transportation regulation – 49 CFR Part 40 – requires Substance Abuse Professionals to successfully complete training and an examination.  There are a number of organizations currently offering the SAP training and/or examinations. The following alphabelitcal list contains sources for one or both required components.

American Substance Abuse Professionals, Inc. (ASAP)            
ASAP offers a home study course.  The approximate cost is $150.  [Up to a 15% discount on SAP examinations available through participating organizations, for those taking the ASAP SAP course.]  ASAP also offers three SAP CEU course options designed to meet the criteria for the CEUs required by DOT for a SAP to maintain their qualification.
Contact: Nicole Hanratty
Tel: (888) 792-2727x200 (EST)
Web Site:
Blair Consulting Group, Inc.
Blair Consulting offers a 14-hr classroom training course. The approximate cost is $465.
Contact: Lee Mauk
Tel: (612) 827-4147 (CST)
Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA)
EAPA offers an on-line examination at approximately $150 (for members) to $200 (non-members).
Contact: Julia Barnes
Tel: (703) 387-1000 x318 (EST)
Web Site:
Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior and Buckley Productions, Inc. (IAHB) 
IAHB offers a home study course and examination.  The approximate cost is $289
Contact: Jen Demes
Tel: (650) 851-8411 x 102 (PST)
Web Site:
International Certification & Reciprocity Consortium (ICRC)        
IC&RC offers an examination that is administered by IC&RC Member Boards on a state to state basis. For details on the availability, cost, and scheduling of an examination through IC&RC, please contact the IC&RC Member Board that has jurisdiction in your state.
Contact: Cristina Arbuckle
Tel: (717) 540-4457, ext. 107 (EST)
National Association of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC)
NAADAC offers a home study course and examination.  The cost is $307 for members, and $407 for non-members.  The examination is only available for those who have taken our independent study course.  The independent study course may also be used for requalifying.
Contact: Greg Potestio
Tel: (800) 548-0497 (EST)
Web Site:
Program Services, Continuing Education
Program Services offers SAP qualification training and has a validated national examination available in three formats: live, home study and on-line. The approximate cost is $280 online, $325(+S&H) by home study. The examination alone can be accessed on-line for $130 or by mail for $155(+S&H). Six 2-credit renewal courses are available for qualification renewal as well at $42.50 on-line or $50(+S&H) by home study each.  Also available is a 12 CE renewal course at $255 online and $300(+S&H) by mail.  CE credit is provided for addiction professionals, psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, and professional counselors that have addiction licenses or certifications.
Contact: Karen Smith
Tel: (828) 349-2804 (EST)
Professional Training Center Inc.
Professional Training Center provides classroom training for initial qualification and re-qualification in multiple locations throughout the country.  A list of training locations and dates can be found on their web site,  They also offer home study classes for re-qualification.  Cost of the 2 day training is $295.00 and the home study is $195.00+ S&H.    
Contact: Dr. William Mock
Tel: (216) 299-9506 (EST)
SAPlist U
Online Continuing Education hours for SAPs.  The cost is $175.  Discount rate of $100 for SAPs whose Profiles have been active on for the previous two years.
Contact:  Lee Mauk
Tel:  (612) 827-4147 (CST)
Web  (click on the apple)
Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPAA)
SAPAA offers classroom training.  In addition, they offer a home study course which costs approximately $295. Exam only, approximate cost $125. [SAPAA is closely associated with SAPACC (see SAPACC).]
Contact: Jeff Morrison
Tel: (301) 540-2783 (EST)
Substance Abuse Program Administrators Certification Commission (SAPACC)
SAPACC offers an examination.  The approximate cost is $200.
Contact: Jana Wolfgang
Tel: (866) 538-4788 (PST)
Web Site:
Updated: Wednesday, February 7, 2018
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