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Approved Screening Devices to Measure Alcohol in Bodily Fluids


Alcohol Screening Devices (ASDs) listed on this web page and EBTs listed on ODAPC’s Web page for ‘‘Approved Evidential Breath Measurement Devices’’ are the only devices you are allowed to use to conduct alcohol screening tests under Part 40.

You may use an ASD that is listed on this web page for DOT alcohol tests only if there are instructions for its use in Part 40. An ASD can be used only for screening tests for alcohol, and may not be used for confirmation tests.

Quick Links to NHTSA Approved ASDs (by Manufacturer / Distributer):

Approved Screening Devices to Measure Alcohol in Bodily Fluids

Distributors/manufacturers Devices
AK Solutions, USA, LLC., Palisades Park, New Jersey1 AlcoScan AL–2500.
  AlcoMate.3 (aka: AlcoHAWK Pro by Q3 Innovations).
  AlcoMate Accu Cell AL–9000.
  AlcoMate Pro.3
  AlcoMate Core.4
  AlcoMate  Premium  AL–7000,  with  replaceable  Premium  Sensor Modules (SM–7000).45
  AlcoMate Prestige AL–6000, with replaceable Prestige Sensor Modules (SM–6000). 4, 6
  AlcoMate SafeGuard (Model AL–2500, aka: AlcoScan AL–2500)
  AlcoMate Rev Fuel-Cell Breathalyzer (with AlcomMate Rev Sensor Modules)
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Alco Check International, Hudsonville, Michigan Alco Check 3000 D.O.T.7
  Alco Check 9000.7
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Akers Biosciences, Inc., Thorofare, New Jersey Breath Alcohol ✓ .02 Detection System.8
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Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp., Toronto, Ontario, Canada DRIVESAFE
  Alert J4X
  Alert J5
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BAC Solutions, Inc., Birmingham, Michigan  BACmaster.
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B.E.S.T. Labs., Boardman, Ohio  PB 9000e.
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Chematics, Inc., North Webster, Indiana ALCO–SCREEN 02 TM 9
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CMI, Inc., Owensboro, Kentucky  Intoxilyzer 500 (aka: Alcometer 500—Lion Laboratories)
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Express Diagnostics Int’l, Inc., Blue Earth, Minnesota AlcoCheck FC90 (aka: AT578 by Skyfine).
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First Innovative Technology Group, Ltd., Hong Kong AAT198—Pro.
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Guth Laboratories, Inc., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania·  Alco Tector Mark X. Alco Tector Mark X.
  Mark X Alcohol Checker.
  Alcotector WAT89EC–1.
  Alcotector WAT90.
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Han International Co., Ltd.,2 Seoul, Korea A.B.I. (Alcohol Breath Indicator) (aka: AlcoHAWK ABI by Q3 Innovations).
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KHN Solutions, LLC, San Francisco, California BACTRACK Select S50.10
  BACTRACK Select S80.10
  BACTRACK Element.
  BACTRACK S 75 Pro.
Lion Laboratories, Ltd., Wales, United Kingdom Alcometer 500 (aka: Intoxilyzer 500—CMI, Inc.).
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OraSure Technologies, Inc., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Q.E.D. A150 Saliva Alcohol Test.
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PAS Systems International, Inc., Fredericksburg, Virginia PAS Vr.
  Alcovisor MARS.
  Alcovisor Satellite
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Q3 Innovations, Inc., Independence, Iowa

AlcoHAWK Precision.

  AlcoHAWK Slim.
  AlcoHAWK Slim 2.
  AlcoHAWK Elite.
  AlcoHAWK ABI (aka: A.B.I. (Alcohol Breath Indicator) by Han Intl.).
  AlcoHAWK Micro.
  AlcoHAWK PRO (aka: AlcoMate by AK Solutions).
  AlcoHAWK PT 500.
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Repco Marketing, Inc., Raleigh, North Carolina
Alco Tec III.
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Seju Engineering Co., Taejeon, Korea Safe-Slim
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Skyfine Inc., Ltd, Kwai Chung, NT, Hong Kong AT577
  AT578 (aka: AlcoCheckFC90)
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Sound Off, Inc., Hudsonville, Michigan Digitox D.O.T.7
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Varian, Inc. Lake Forest, California On-Site Alcohol 10
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1 The AlcoMate was manufactured by Han International of Seoul, Korea, but marketed and sold in the U.S. by AK Solutions.

2 Manufactured by Seju Engineering, Korea.

3 Han International does not market or sell devices directly in the U.S. market. Other devices manufactured by Han International are listed under AK Solutions, Inc. and Q3 Innovations, Inc.

4 Manufactured by Sentech Korea Corp.

5 These devices utilize replaceable semiconductor detectors. Instead of re-calibrating the device, a new calibrated detector can be installed. The device comes with 4 detectors including the one that was already installed.

6 These devices utilize replaceable semiconductor detectors. Instead of re-calibrating the device, a new calibrated detector can be installed. This device comes with 5 detectors including the one that was already installed.

7 While these devices are still being sold, they are no longer manufactured or supported.

8 The Breath Alcohol ✓ .02 Detection System consists of a single-use disposable breath tube used in conjunction with an electronic analyzer that determines the test result. The electronic analyzer and the disposable breath tubes are lot specific and manufactured to remain calibrated throughout the shelf-life of the device. This screening device cannot be used after the expiration date.

9 While the ALCO–SCREEN 02TM  saliva-alcohol screening device manufactured by Chematics, Inc. passed the requirements of the Model Specifications when tested at 40 0C (104 0F), the manufacturer has indicated that the device cannot exceed storage temperatures of 27 oC (80oF). Instructions to this effect are stated on all packaging accompanying the device. Accordingly, the device should not be stored at temperatures above 27 0C (80 0F). If the device is stored at or below 27 0C (80 0F) and used at higher temperatures (i.e., within a minute), the device meets the Model Specifications and the results persist for 10–15 minutes. If the device is stored at or below 27 0C (80 0F) and equilibrated at 40 0C (104 0F) for an hour prior to sample application, the device fails to meet the Model Specifications. Storage at temperatures above 27 0C (80 0F), for even brief periods of time, may result in false negative readings.

10 While this device passed all of the requirements of the Model Specifications, readings should be taken only after the time specified by the manufacturer. For valid readings, the user should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Readings should be taken one (1) minute after a sample is introduced at or above 30 0C (86 0F); readings should be taken after two (2) minutes at 18 0C–29 0C (64.4 0F–84.2 0F); and readings should be taken after five (5) minutes when testing at temperatures at or below 17 0C (62.6 0F). If the reading is taken before five (5) minutes has elapsed under the cold conditions, the user is likely to obtain a reading that underestimates the actual saliva-alcohol level.

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