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UTC Spotlight Newsletter

Title Publication Date UTC(s)
Advancements in Smart Transportation: The Evolution of MUST Sensor Technology April 2024 University of Washington 
Mechanical Characterization of Mycelium Composites Based on Hemp January 2024 Tennessee State University
Real-time and Secure Analysis of Pedestrian Data for Connected Vehicles October 2023 Clemson University and Benedict College
An Innovative Reinforcement Approach for Rebar-Free 3D Printing of Transportation Infrastructure April 2023 Louisiana State University
Locally Sourced Corrosion-Resistant Steel May
Minimize Maintenance Costs and Extend Life-Cycle of Bridge Networks
January 2023 Pennsylvania State University
Improving Methods to Measure Attentiveness through Driver Monitoring October 2022 Virginia Tech
Implementing and Evaluating a Rural Electric Mobility Program: National Center for Sustainable Transportation July 2022 University of California, Davis
Achieving the Vision of Zero Roadway Deaths
Through the Safe System Approach
April 2022 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Transportation for Populations with Disabilities January 2022 University of Pittsburgh, Catholic University of America and the Uniformed University of Health Sciences
An Energy-Harvesting Railroad Tie for Improving Track Condition Monitoring and Safety October 2021 University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Using Video Feeds from Public Traffic Cameras and Computer Vision to Analyze Social Distancing and Travel Patterns during the COVID-19 Pandemic July 2021  New York University, University of Washington and Old Dominion University
AI Pedestrian Traffic Safety System April 2021 Mineta Consortium, San José State University
TTI Researchers Develop Curriculum for Transportation Emissions and Health January 2021 Texas A&M University
METRANS Partners with City of Long Beach to Launch ITS Test Bed October 2020 California State University, Long Beach
Travelers’ Rationality in Anticipatory Online
Emergency Response
July 2020  North Carolina A&T State University
Improving the Functionality and Resilience of Roadway Tunnels April 2020 Colorado School of Mines
Installation of a Smart Roadway Testbed in Brooklyn, NY to Measure the Impact of Overweight Trucks January 2020 Rutgers University and New York University

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