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Locally Sourced Corrosion-Resistant Steel May Minimize Maintenance Costs and Extend Life-Cycle of Bridge Networks

A research team from Lehigh University, a consortium member of the Region 3 University Transportation Center at Pennsylvania State University, examined the potential of using corrosion-resistant steel girders to replace corroded carbon steel girders in several aging steel bridges in a specific transportation network. The corrosion-resistant steel under examination is A709-50CR (formerly known as A1010), a steel locally sourced in Pennsylvania. According to results of the team’s recent studies, A709-50CR can help bridge owners save money, reduce traffic delays, and cut greenhouse gas emissions.  

Carbon steel bridges that are under severe chloride exposure due to deicing salts or marine environmental effects require frequent maintenance and repair actions to maintain an adequate performance level during their service life. Although carbon steel bridges have a relatively low material cost and very good material strength, the low corrosion resistance of carbon steel can result in severe deterioration of bridges—resulting in very high maintenance costs during their service life. 

Last updated: Monday, December 12, 2022