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COVID-19 TRANServe Transit Benefit Program Guidance

Federal employees committed to using mass transportation for their home to work to home commute are eligible to receive the federal transit benefit.

TRANServe supports you with simplified access to transit authority information, electronic applications, how-to instructions and other resources that encourage your use of mass transportation as your primary means of commuting from home to work.
The transit benefit is a subsidy, not an entitlement.  Simply stated, it can go away. 

Protect your transit benefit by following a few basic rules:

  • Apply using your Agency's established application process
  • Spend the transit benefit to make a direct purchase through your transit authority
  • Ride mass transportation for the bulk of your own home to work to home commute
  • Comply with your Agency's  Transit Benefit Program Policy

Always Protect Your Transit Benefit - Any month the amount you receive exceeds the amount you use,  you must return the excess funds to your Agency!

Report Waste, Fraud and Abuse to your Agency Point of Contact or Inspector General Hotline

Updated: Tuesday, July 20, 2021
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