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EVSE Project Planning Checklist

Below is a text-only version of the general checklist for electric vehicle infrastructure project planning, which is included in the EV Infrastructure Project Planning Checklist section of this toolkit. The items in this checklist represent an iterative process in which planners may need to revisit and refine prior steps as needed.

Project Development and Scoping

  • Establish overall project scale
  • Determine site and installation type
  • Identify project partners
  • Decide on ownership model
  • Assess EV charging needs
  • Identify needs for permitting and regulatory compliance

Utility Planning

  • Assess local grid infrastructure
  • Determine electricity rates and pricing structures

Installation Planning

  • Determine procurement process
  • Determine network connection needs
  • Select equipment and network provider
  • Assess installation needs and costs

Operational Planning

  • Assess operations and maintenance costs
  • Determine pricing, payment, and access
  • Consider additional needs

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Last updated: Wednesday, February 2, 2022