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DOT Rule 49 CFR Part 40 Section 40.43 Q&A

Drug Testing

§40.193; §40.43                        09/01


Generally, only one collector is supposed to supervise a collection for an employee. However, given the time span involved, it is possible that two collectors could be involved in a shy bladder collection (e.g., because of a shift change during the three-hour period between the first and second collection attempts). How should this be handled?


  • In this situation, it is permissible for one collector to turn the process over to another collector to complete the collection.
  • The first collector would document the start time for the 3-hour period. The second would provide his or her name and signature after the second collection, as the collector of record. The Remarks line (Step 2 of the CCF) would be used to document the transition (including the first collector’s name and the start time for the shy bladder procedure).
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