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DOT Rule 49 CFR Part 40 Section 40.243 Q&A

§40.243; §40.253; §40.275; Appendix G           09/01
Is it acceptable to affix printed alcohol test results on the back of the Alcohol Testing Form (ATF) rather than on the front?
• §40.243(f) and §40.253(g) instruct the BAT to affix the printout of the information from the alcohol testing device to the designated space on the ATF.
• The designated space on the ATF is on the front of the form. That is where BATs and STTs should affix the printouts.
• However, because the instructions on the ATF also permit the printout to be affixed to the back of the ATF, the Department has no objections to having the printouts on the back of the ATF.
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