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Highly Automated Systems Safety Center of Excellence (HASS COE)

Advanced technologies are rapidly transforming the national transportation system. These technologies are already critical components in airplanes, trains, and motor vehicles. In recent years, multiple fatal incidents have underscored the importance of validating the safety of new technologies.

As these technologies become increasingly widespread, the safety of the traveling public depends on effective oversight to ensure automated technologies are safe and work as intended. The Highly Automated Systems Safety (HASS) COE has been established to serve as a dedicated workforce within the Department with the necessary skills and expertise to audit, inspect, and certify the safety of highly automated systems across all modes of transportation.

HASS COE brings together talent and expertise from across the Department of Transportation to centralize and deepen DOT's expertise in:

  • automation and human factors
  • computer science
  • data analytics
  • machine learning
  • sensor technology
  • other technologies involving automated systems

HASS COE will collaborate with and provide support on highly automated systems to all Operating Administrations (OAs) of the Department of Transportation, assembling a workforce composed of DOT employees, including both direct hires and detailees from our operating administrations and other Federal agencies. For more information, please contact

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