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Engage With Us

HASS COE partners throughout USDOT, academia, and industry:

  • We serve the Operating Administrations of the USDOT. If you represent an Operating Administration or mode of transportation within USDOT, we can augment your resources, inform your planning, and accelerate your work toward the safe integration of automation in transportation.
  • If you represent an academic institution or industry perspective, we welcome the opportunity to learn about your research and development work so that we may assess how federal efforts and interests may connect.

Extending your insight into what's ahead. Usual perspective: 1-5 years. HASS COE fills in the long view: 3-10 years.

"The HASS COE is USDOT’s go-to resource for automation safety expertise: your agency-wide partner in managing technology, industry developments, and implications for all modes of transportation.

-Dr. Robert C. Hampshire 
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Research and Technology and Chief Science Officer, USDOT


How to Collaborate with HASS COE within USDOT

Advance your Operating Administration’s or office’s mission and your capacity in transportation automation safety. Some of the ways to partner include:

  • HASS Roundtables: Leadership conversations to explore the role of automated systems in your work and identify where our resources and collaboration may further your mission.
  • HASS Sprints: Nimble technical consulting to explore how automation technologies in your work may interact with, affect, or be affected by what’s happening in other modes of transportation, and to boost your team's capacity to review, assess, and validate safety implications for relevant automated systems.
  • HASS Insight: Technology-maturity updates and industry landscape analyses packaged in regular reports on sought-after subjects to accelerate your knowledge across USDOT and Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies planning.

How to Connect with HASS COE from Academia or Industry

Please reach out with any inquiries or ideas!

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