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Quantum Program

HASS COE partnered with ARPA-I to launch a new U.S. DOT Quantum webinar and workshop series to explore the opportunities of quantum-based technologies in the transportation sector. Quantum information science is paving the way for developments in quantum computers, quantum-enhanced sensors, and communication systems. Join us to collaborate and explore the groundbreaking potential of new quantum-based technologies for the transportation industry.


USDOT Quantum Webinar May 28 1-2pm ET

Do you see news about breakthroughs in quantum computers and qubits and wonder what the hype is about?

The U.S. DOT Quantum Technologies 101 Webinar on Tuesday, May 28, 2024, at 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. ET provided a highly informative and engaging overview of emerging quantum technologies and how they can revolutionize the transportation industry.

Hosted by HASS COE and ARPA-I, the webinar helped answer:

  • Quantum 101: What is quantum computing and quantum sensing?
  • What is the transformative potential of quantum computing to solve optimization, material simulation, and machine learning problems that were previously considered unsolvable?
  • How may quantum sensors change our assumptions about achievable accuracy and precision in time, motion, electromagnetic fields, and chemical detection, among others?

The webinar aimed to introduce the full scope of quantum technologies and start a conversation about how these technologies can address challenges within the transportation domain. We heard from leading quantum experts Dr. William Oliver and Dr. Paola Cappellaro from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and engaged in discussions that will ultimately inform a new roadmap for future research and collaborations.

Webinar recording:

If you have any questions or need additional information about the U.S. DOT Quantum Technologies 101 Webinar, please contact Dan LeMaster, HASS COE (; Prachi Vakharia, ARPA-I (; or Denise Bakar, HASS COE (


In driving the Quantum workshops, HASS COE and ARPA-I will foster the exchange of knowledge and develop a roadmap for future research and collaborations. The group will build opportunities for future pilot programs and interconnect with existing quantum-related projects within the Department. The group’s work will also supplement AI-related initiatives within the Department. Given the field of quantum technologies is not broadly understood, many agencies have taken the initiative to host workshops to better understand the fundamental science and technologies and map out applications of quantum to their domain. The workshop will engage with members of industry and academia to ensure an extensive range of perspectives in the development of a new plan for quantum-based opportunities in transportation.

Check back for announcements regarding future U.S. DOT Quantum workshops.




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