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Advanced Research Projects Agency - Infrastructure (ARPA-I)

Summary Report on ARPA-I RFI Responses

Read the summary of public responses to Request for Information (RFI) entitled “Potential Research and Development Areas of Interest for the Advanced Research Projects Agency – Infrastructure.”

January 8, 2024 Congratulations to the winners of Stage 1A of U.S. DOT’s Intersection Safety Challenge

Find out more about the Intersection Safety Challenge and see the full list of winners

ARPA-I as a Net Zero Game Changer

Read about ARPA-I’s efforts to reduce transportation emissions

Laying out a Vision for ARPA-I

ARPA-I's vision for transforming America's infrastructure

America needs transportation that is safe, secure, efficient, and resilient, while achieving net-zero emissions and increasing equity and access to mobility for all. Delivering that vision will require bold new investments in advanced and emerging materials, structures, components, systems, and capabilities – both physical and digital – that have the potential to radically transform our transportation infrastructure. 
Adapting the successful innovation model pioneered by DARPA and ARPA-E, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is accelerating the future of America’s transportation systems by launching the Advanced Research Projects Agency - Infrastructure (ARPA-I). As a newly designated agency, ARPA-I will fund high-risk, high-reward next-generation transportation technologies that will maintain America’s position as a global leader in the sector. For more information, please contact :