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AI Assurance Program

U.S. DOT employees at the AI Assurance Workshop in November 2023

As new AI technologies emerge across the transportation ecosystem, HASS COE is leading USDOT efforts to identify the challenges, opportunities, risks, and priorities for AI assurance. To promote coordination and collaboration across all Operating Administrations, we organized the Department’s first AI Assurance workshop on November 30, 2023, at USDOT Headquarters.

With additional meetings regularly scheduled in 2024, the AI Assurance workshops will review and explore current AI assurance processes and technologies in use across the modes. The group will also develop an initial AI and data assurance framework, define common terminology, identify opportunities for intermodal knowledge sharing, and develop AI assurance coordination plans. Drawing from the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA’s) AI roadmapping experience, the AI Assurance workshops will enable coordination, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, based on current and future use cases, in AI and data assessment, assurance, and risk assessment and mitigation technologies, and will support ongoing regulatory efforts in transportation automation.


Read our recent AI Assurance Whitepaper.


AI Assurance workshops in 2024 feature academic and industry partners to exchange knowledge and collaborate on AI assessment and assurance for applications in highly automated transportation systems. The workshops explore the needs, challenges, current objectives, and potential solutions for AI assurance across all modes of transportation.

May 29-30, 2024

AI Assurance Workshop, May 29-30, 2024, 11:30am-4:30pm ET, Virtual

The U.S. DOT AI Assurance Workshop on May 29-30, 2024, engaged and supported collaboration with the transportation research community. Hosted by HASS COE and co-organized by the FAA Senior Technical Experts Program and the Intelligent Transportation Systems Joint Program Office, the virtual workshop featured keynotes, technical talks, and panel discussions with academia. Session topics focused on government AI safety programs, research needs and priorities, risk assessment and mitigation, data assurance, design time assurance, and operation time assurance.

Watch the recordings:

Day One of the U.S. DOT AI Assurance Workshop on May 29-30, 2024

Day Two of the U.S. DOT AI Assurance Workshop on May 29-30, 2024

Speakers included:

Robert Hampshire (USDOT), Panagiotis Anastasopoulos (University of Buffalo), Ella Atkins (Virginia Tech), Stanley Bak (Stony Brook University), Guillaume Brat (NASA), Missy Cummings (George Mason University), Dionisio de Niz (Carnegie Mellon University), Jyotirmoy Vinay Deshmukh (University of Southern California), Chuchu Fan (MIT), Feng Guo (Virginia Tech), Phil Koopman (Carnegie Mellon University), Corina Pasareanu (Carnegie Mellon University), Johann Schumann (KBR/NASA), Alvaro Velasquez (DoD), Yinhai Wang (University of Washington), Michael Warren (HRL Laboratories), Qi Zhu (Northwestern University), Huafeng Yu (USDOT), Taylor Lochrane (USDOT), Trung Pham (USDOT), Brian Cronin (USDOT), Bob Sheehan (USDOT), Denise Bakar (USDOT), Craig Thor (USDOT), Srini Mandalapu (USDOT), and Neeraj Koul (USDOT).

Check back for announcements regarding future AI Assurance workshops.

If you are navigating new AI challenges, lack experience in AI assessment and assurance, want to learn about state-of-the-art AI safety technologies and frameworks, or want to better understand AI’s safety impacts, you are encouraged to attend future workshops.

For more information on the AI Assurance program, contact Taylor Lochrane (program manager), Huafeng Yu (technical POC), or Denise Bakar (communications manager).



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