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HASS COE is engaged in several research projects and activities that provide support and partnership to USDOT to review, assess, and validate the safety of highly automated systems. 

Recent Collaborations

Quantum Program

HASS COE has partnered with ARPA-I to launch a new U.S. DOT Quantum webinar and workshop series to explore the opportunities of quantum-based technologies in the transportation sector. Quantum information science is paving the way for developments in quantum computers, quantum-enhanced sensors, and communication systems. Learn more.

PennDOT ADS Grant Testing

Researchers in Pennsylvania recently completed a critical phase of their study on the safe integration of vehicles equipped with automated driving systems (ADS) into work zones. HASS COE and Volpe provide technical support to the ADS Demo Grantees and recently facilitated a technical peer exchange session on live on-road testing of ADS-equipped vehicles with a safety driver in work zones. The test marked the latest milestone in the multi-year study by researchers on the team led by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), HNTB, Michael Baker International, Drive Engineering, Deloitte, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. Learn more. 

AI Assurance Program

As new AI technologies emerge across the transportation ecosystem, HASS COE is leading U.S. DOT’s efforts to identify the challenges, opportunities, risks, and priorities for AI assurance. To promote coordination and collaboration across all Operating Administrations, HASS COE organizes an AI Assurance workshop series, in addition to developing whitepapers, to review and explore current AI assurance processes and technologies. Learn more.

Virginia Tech Transportation Institute Capstone

HASS COE sponsored and supervised a student-led project with Virginia Tech’s Computational Modeling and Data Analytics science program. Three undergraduate students—Cam Taylor, Joe Harrison, and John Lutz—worked directly with HASS COE Acting Director of Program Development & Strategy Ashley Nylen, PMP and senior scientist Dr. Mubassira Khan to develop a hypothesis to evaluate the potential impact of AVs on urban roadways. The partnership demonstrates our commitment to workforce development within the field of automation and transportation safety. Using open-source mapping data, the students created a predictive model that could provide local DOTs with data on AV congestion, AV miles driven, and the potential cost that AVs will have on local infrastructure. Read the full story.


HASS COE is a key partner in the VOICES™ Proof of Concept (PoC), a distributed virtual platform for intellectual property-protected research and interoperability testing. The VOICES PoC is accessible to federal, state, and local governments; transportation infrastructure and automotive industries; manufacturers; technology developers; research institutions; and academia. The platform enables stakeholder virtual collaboration among participating entities. As the first use case, VOICES focuses on prototype Cooperative Driving Automation applications. With its success as a Proof of Concept, VOICES is now transitioning to industry management by approximately 2025.

Technical Reviews and Analysis

In addition to partnering with USDOT Operating Administrations and offices to review grants and other technical materials, our experts examine emerging technology and trends to identify which technologies are gaining utility, and how quickly. Our team curates knowledge in the form of regular market scans, technology trend analyses, and maturity assessments.


AI Assurance Whitepaper

AI assurance refers to the techniques, activities, and processes used to evaluate and assure expected properties of AI components or AI-enabled systems throughout the lifecycle of these components or systems. Our AI Assurance Whitepaper summarizes the key AI assurance concepts, challenges (technical and government), technologies, current and past efforts in aviation, guidance and standards, safety approach, and framework.

Automated Driving System-Work Zones Technical Peer Exchange

Ashley Nylen, PMP and Dr. Mubassira Khan facilitated an information exchange session on February 20, 2024, with Automated Driving System (ADS) Demo grantees and relevant state, local, and other deployers. The technical peer exchange focused on automated vehicle (AV)/ADS testing and deployment in live work zone operations, with participants offering insight, guidance, consideration, and lessons learned for operating in work zones. The ADS-Work Zones Technical Peer Exchange Whitepaper summarizes the notes from the meeting and references several source materials around this topic.

Simplified Vehicle Operations Whitepaper

Simplified Vehicle Operations (SVO) aims to make flying safer, simpler, and more accessible by automating the most error-prone, perishable, and distracting low-level pilot tasks. HASS COE senior scientist Sarasina Tuchen recently authored the Simplified Vehicle Operations Whitepaper, which breaks down the core concept behind practical SVO, its significance and applications in general aviation and advanced air mobility, and evaluation and certification considerations. The whitepaper is the first in a series of HASS COE publications presenting SVO practice, opportunities, and implications for the future of flight.



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