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HASS COE is engaged in several projects that provide support and partnership to USDOT to review, assess, and validate the safety of highly automated systems. 


We regularly provide support and partnership to Operating Administrations and other offices within the USDOT in reviewing grants and other technical materials related to automation and intelligent transportation systems.


Our experts examine emerging technology and trends to help USDOT Operating Administrations identify which technologies are gaining utility, and how quickly. Our experts curate knowledge in the form of regular market scans, technology trend analyses, and highly automated transportation system maturity assessments.


We are a key partner in VOICES: Virtual Open Innovation Collaborative Environment for Safety Proof of Concept (PoC), a distributed virtual platform for intellectual property-protected research and interoperability testing. The VOICES PoC is accessible to federal, state, and local governments; transportation infrastructure and automotive industries; manufacturers; technology developers; research institutions; and academia. The platform enables stakeholder virtual collaboration among participating entities. As the first use case, VOICES focuses on prototype Cooperative Driving Automation applications. With its success as a Proof of Concept, VOICES is now transitioning to industry management by approximately 2025.



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