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Marine Terminal Rail Improvements Phase II Project

Port of Everett
Alternate Project Name
Port of Everett
Project Type
Financing Type
Credit Agreement Executed
Port of Everett
Project Description

This Project includes Phase II of terminal rail upgrades and a warehouse relocation. Phase I involved rehabilitation and approximately 800 feet of new track for the existing rail line that runs parallel to the Phase II new track but about 150 yards closer to the water. Phase I reached substantial completion in May 2016. These rail upgrades are part of the Seaport Modernization Program, a program developed as part of the Marine Terminals Master Plan approved in 2008. This program includes strengthening and expanding docks to add a minimum of 300 feet of capacity to meet 21st century shipping demands.
The RRIF direct loan provides approximately 3,300 lineal feet of on-terminal working track. Elements of the work included demolition of existing pavement, trenching, excavation, removing and realigning existing underground utilities, four new turnouts, encasing existing utilities to remain under tracks, installation of a new storm drainage system, backfill and compaction, new track bed and ballast, track construction, paving, restoration and striping. The warehouse portion of the Project will relocate a 39,000-square foot warehouse for use to provide cover for rail cargo. Once relocated, the warehouse will become part of the Port's railcar unloading facility.

Project Details
RRIF Assistance
Primary Revenue Pledge
Port Revenues
Project Cost
Fiscal Year Closed
Funding Sources
State of Washington Department of Commerce Grant: $0.970M
RRIF: $5.950M

NOTE: The Port of Everett, Washington Revenue Bond (RRIF) 2018, Series Resolution No. 1107, adopted by October 23, 2018 adopted by the Borrower, authorizing the issuance of the RRIF Bond.
Project Delivery/Contract Method
(D) Construction Agreements: collectively, (a) that certain Terminal Rail Upgrades – Phase 2, Project No. MT-RR-2016-11, by and between the Borrower and Granite Construction Company, effective as of February 15, 2017, (b) that certain Cargo Transit Shed (Bldg T5) Relocation, Project No. MT-ST-2018-01, by and between the Borrower and Emmert Industrial Corp. dba Emmert International, effective as of March 5, 2018 and (c) that certain Cargo Transit Shed (Bldg T5) Relocation, Project No. MT-ST-2018-01, by and between the Borrower and McClure and Sons, Inc., effective as of May 25, 2018;
Project Participants
1.) Port of Everett 2.) Granite Construction 3.) Emmert International 4.) McClure and Sons
Project Advisers/Consultants
Nixon Peabody LLP (legal)
Application Details
Port of Everett
LOI Fiscal Year Received
LOI Received Date
Application Received Fiscal Year
Application Received Date
Credit Agreement Executed
Estimated Project Cost
RRIF Request
Instrument Type
Direct Loan