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Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA)

TIFIA provides credit assistance for qualified projects of regional and national significance.

Map of Projects Financed by TIFIA

Projects Financed by TIFIA

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Projectsort descending Credit Agreement Status Project Type TIFIA Assistance
Chicago Transit Authority Rail Fleet Replacement Project Active Public Transit $254.90 Million
Cooper River Bridge Replacement Retired/Sold Roadways and Bridges $215.00 Million
Crenshaw / LAX Transit Corridor Active Public Transit $546.00 Million
CTA 95th Street Terminal Improvement Active Public Transit $79.00 Million
CTA Blue Line Project Active Public Transit $120.00 Million
Dallas Area Rapid Transit Project Orange Line Extension (I-3) Active Public Transit $120.00 Million
Denver Union Station Retired/Sold Public Transit $146.00 Million
Downtown / Midtown Tunnel Active Roadways and Bridges $422.00 Million
Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project Active Public Transit $1 876.00 Million
Eagle Project Active Public Transit $280.00 Million

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