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Regional Infrastructure Accelerators Program

Rim Rock (Colorado) roadworkBackground

The Build America Bureau is seeking information and input for the development of a Regional Infrastructure Accelerators (RIA) program.

Accelerators would provide assistance and act as a resource to regional entities (e.g. counties, towns, economic development agencies, etc.) as they develop transportation infrastructure programs and projects that could be eligible for DOT credit assistance.  And, we're looking for the most effective, transparent, and expedient way to develop our program so we can help deliver good transportation projects.

Notice of Funding Opportunity

The Build America Bureau, in collaboration with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is seeking proposals for designating regional infrastructure accelerators. 

Please see more information about this opportunity HERE.

Notice of Funding Opportunity - Additional Information


The Applicant must complete and submit all forms included in the application package for this Notice as contained at


•    Applications must be prepared on 8½ x 11- inch paper. Pages that exceed this size, such as foldouts, are not allowable.
•    Narrative text must be printed using a font size no less than 12-point font.
•    Tables are permitted. Text in tables may be smaller than 12-point font but must be legible.
•    Page margins must be a minimum of 1 inch top, bottom, and each side.
•    Page numbers may be located within the 1 inch margin.
•    A Header or Footer identifying the Applicant/Team and the Volume or Part, may be located within the 1 inch margins.
•    Resumes are limited to one page each.
•    PAGE LIMITS: Application volumes shall adhere to the page count limitations as indicated in the NOFO. The page limit includes all narratives, figures, tables, appendices, and all other ancillary materials with the exception of the following. EXCEPTION ON PAGE LIMITS: The following items do NOT count against the page limitation.

a.    Document covers;
b.    Cover letters;
c.    Title pages
d.    Divider pages;
e.    Table of contents;
f.    Lists of acronyms;
g.    Letters of intent to participate from proposed sponsors, subcontractors, consultants, partners and proposed new hires; and
h.    Resumes. (Note: Resumes shall not exceed 1 page each).


Award terms and condition as well as performance requirements will be addressed in the cooperative agreement with the recipient. The full terms and conditions of the resulting cooperative agreements may vary and are subject to discussions and negotiations.

Request for Information (RFI)

The Bureau issued an RFI seeking input from interested parties to inform the development of the program and approach to designating and funding the RIA prior to issuing the funding opportunity.

Statutory Authority

The Regional Infrastructure Accelerator demonstration program takes its authority from the 2015 FAST Act as below:


(a) In General.--The Secretary shall establish a regional infrastructure demonstration program (referred to in this section as the "program'') to assist entities in developing improved infrastructure priorities and financing strategies for the accelerated development of a project that is eligible for funding under the TIFIA program under chapter 6 of title 23, United States Code.

(b) Designation of Regional Infrastructure Accelerators.--In carrying out the program, the Secretary may designate regional infrastructure accelerators that will--

  • (1) serve a defined geographic area; and
  • (2) act as a resource in the geographic area to qualified entities in accordance with this section.

(c) Application.--To be eligible for a designation under subsection (b), a proposed regional infrastructure accelerator shall submit to the Secretary a proposal at such time, in such manner, and containing such information as the Secretary may require.

(d) Criteria.--In evaluating a proposal submitted under subsection (c), the Secretary shall consider--

  • (1) the need for geographic diversity among regional infrastructure accelerators; and
  • (2) the ability of the proposal to promote investment in covered infrastructure projects, which shall include a plan--
    • (A) to evaluate and promote innovative financing methods for local projects, including the use of the TIFIA program under chapter 6 of title 23, United States Code;
    • (B) to build capacity of State, local, and tribal governments to evaluate and structure projects involving the investment of private capital;
    • (C) to provide technical assistance and information on best practices with respect to financing the projects;
    • (D) to increase transparency with respect to infrastructure project analysis and using innovative financing for public infrastructure projects;
    • (E) to deploy pre-development capital programs designed to facilitate the creation of a pipeline of infrastructure projects available for investment;
    • (F) to bundle smaller-scale and rural projects into larger proposals that may be more attractive for investment; and
    • (G) to reduce transaction costs for public project sponsors.

(e) Annual Report.--Not less frequently than once each year, the Secretary shall submit to Congress a report that describes the findings and effectiveness of the program.

(f) Authorization of Appropriations.--There is authorized to be appropriated to carry out the program $12,000,000, of which the Secretary shall use--

  • (1) $11,750,000 for initial grants to regional infrastructure accelerators under subsection (b); and
  • (2) $250,000 for administrative costs of carrying out the program.
Last updated: Tuesday, January 5, 2021