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Air Travel Consumer Reports for 2019


The Air Travel Consumer Report is a monthly product of the Department of Transportation's Office of Aviation Enforcement and Proceedings (OAEP). The report is designed to assist consumers with information on the quality of services provided by the airlines. This page was last updated on August 15, 2019 and the most recent data is from June 2019.


ATCRs for 2019:

How the Report is Organized

The report is divided into the following sections (Flight Delays, Mishandled Baggage, Wheelchairs and Scooters; Oversales, Consumer Complaints, Airline Reports of the Loss, Injury, or Death of Animals During Air Transportation and Customer Service Reports to the Transportation Security Administration). The sections that deal with flight delays, mishandled baggage, wheelchairs and scooters; and oversales are based on data collected by the Department's Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS). The section that deals with consumer complaints is based on data compiled by the OAEP's Aviation Consumer Protection Division (ACPD). The section that deals with animal incidents during air transport is based on reports required to be submitted by airlines to the ACPD. The section that deals with customer service reports to the Department of Homeland Security’s Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is based on data provided by TSA. Each section of the report is preceded by a brief explanation of how to read and understand the information provided.

The report is usually issued during the second week of each month. Oversales are reported quarterly rather than monthly, and oversales figures may be slightly older than the other data in certain months. The report, which contains tables of information, is best printed in "landscape" orientation.

Additional air travel data can be found on the BTS website.

Updated: Thursday, August 15, 2019
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