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People With Disabilities

The Disability Employment Program at the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is part of DOT's effort to address the low employment rate of individuals with disabilities, especially those with targeted disabilities.  DOT is committed to increasing representation of qualified people with disabilities (PWDs) in all levels of its workforce. The Department's Disability Employment Program is operated out of the Equal Employment Opportunity Programs Division in the Departmental Office of Civil Rights. It is our goal to ensure individuals with disabilities enjoy equal opportunity in all aspects of employment within DOT, including hiring, promotions, and reasonable accommodation.

Program Overview

The PWD program is managed by two offices in the Office of the Secretary of Transportation (OST):

Departmental Office of Civil Rights (DOCR)

  • The Disability Employment Program Manager (DPM) in the Equal Employment Opportunity Programs Division examines personnel data and other information to identify barriers to full employment of people with targeted disabilities. The DPM also provides training on disability laws and regulations of people with disabilities.
  • The Policy and Quality Control Division oversees the reasonable accommodation process to ensure that it complies with guidance from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Departmental Office of Human Resource Management (DOHRM)

  • The Disability Resource Center provides assistive technology and interpreters. It also provides training on the use of assistive technology.
  • The Departmental Selective Placement Coordinator (SPC) leads efforts to recruit people with disabilities, especially those with targeted disabilities. The SPCs also provide information on excepted appointment authorities for people with disabilities.

Program Objectives

  • Ensure that PWDs are proactively recruited in order to fill vacant positions at all levels of the DOT.
  • Help DOT meet its annual hiring goals for people with disabilities, especially targeted disabilities.
  • Create a workplace environment where employees with disabilities are valued and respected.
  • Increase the number of PWD at all levels of the DOT workforce.
  • Identify and address any barriers to equal employment of people with disabilities at DOT.

Education Focus

  • Provide training for managers and supervisors on their responsibilities regarding the laws and directives concerning disabilities.
  • Provide training for EEO counselors and mediators on disability laws and issues.
  • Ensure that potential applicants have access to information on the excepted (non-competitive) appointment authorities for qualified applicants with severe disabilities.

Partnership Focus

  • Establish cooperative relationships with both internal and external organizations in order to recruit and employ qualified people with disabilities.
  • Ensure that the PWD Employment Program goals are fully integrated in DOT strategic planning.
  • Work with the Departmental Office of Human Resources Management and the Operating Administrations to ensure that DOT provides a welcoming environment for applicants and employees with disabilities.
Last updated: Tuesday, January 5, 2016