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Office of the General Counsel


The General Counsel serves as the Chief Legal Officer of the Department, with final authority on questions of law.  The General Counsel is the legal advisor to the Secretary and is responsible for the supervision, coordination and review of the legal work of the almost 500 lawyers throughout DOT.  The General Counsel is responsible for the Office of Aviation Consumer Protection and Enforcement, and also coordinates the Department's legislative efforts, regulatory program, and involvement in legal proceedings before other agencies, as well as various operational and international legal matters.  The immediate Office of the General Counsel (OGC) includes approximately 90 lawyers, analysts, and administrative professionals.

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Chief Counsels' Offices

The General Counsel also provides oversight and support to the Chief Counsels' Offices of the Operating Administrations.  For more information about the Chief Counsels' Offices, please visit the links below:

Federal Aviation Administration
Reggie Govan, Chief Counsel

Federal Highway Administration
Thomas G. Echikson, Chief Counsel

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Charles J. Fromm, Acting Chief Counsel

Federal Railroad Administration
Amit Bose, Chief Counsel

Federal Transit Administration
Ellen Partridge, Chief Counsel

Maritime Administration
David Tubman, Chief Counsel

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Paul Hemmersbaugh, Chief Counsel

Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
Teresa A. Gosalves, Acting Chief Counsel

Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation
Carrie Mann-Lavigne, Chief Counsel

Updated: Thursday, August 11, 2016
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