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Pro Bono Opportunities

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The Department's pro bono policy encourages employees to provide pro bono legal service within their communities.  To implement the Department's policy, former General Counsel Kirk K. Van Tine established the Pro Bono Services Committee.  The Committee seeks to promote pro bono legal service, provide guidance on the ethical and legal considerations involved in performing such service, and present information regarding appropriate pro bono legal opportunities for DOT attorneys.  The Committee is headed by Erva Cockfield of the General Counsel's Office and includes a representative designated by the Chief Counsel from each mode.  The Committee schedules speakers and other activities to educate Department attorneys on available pro bono legal opportunities.

Have an Idea?

If you have an idea for pro bono service, how to promote it within the Department, or how to improve this website, please notify the Pro Bono Services Committee by emailing the representative from your mode.

An employee seeking to engage in pro bono work must comply with the Department's policy as well as applicable federal and state rules, regulations and statutes.  To avoid running afoul of any legal constraints on outside activities, a Department attorney should talk to his or her supervisor before engaging in pro bono service.

Updated: Tuesday, February 10, 2015
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