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Office of Regulation and Legislation

What We Do

The Office of Regulation and Legislation provides expert legal guidance on administrative law, including rulemaking issues affecting the Department and arising from any mode of transportation within the Department, and serves as legislative counsel to the Office of the Secretary in all modes of transportation.


Our areas of responsibility include:


  • Reviewing and coordinating the clearance of significant rulemaking documents to ensure they are consistent with all legal requirements and Administration policy;
  • Providing Department-wide guidance and training on the implementation of the Administrative Procedure Act and the numerous laws and executive orders affecting the rulemaking process (e.g., Regulatory Flexibility Act, Federal Advisory Committee Act, Paperwork Reduction Act, Unfunded Mandates Reform Act, Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act, and Executive Orders 12866, and 13563 );
  • Formulating Department-wide regulatory policies and procedures;
  • Acting as a liaison with the Office of Management and Budget and other federal agencies concerning Departmental regulatory matters;
  • Developing and implementing regulatory reform initiatives and innovative rulemaking techniques, and overseeing periodic comprehensive retrospective reviews of existing regulations;
  • Tracking all of the Department’s rulemaking projects throughout their lifecycle to keep managers informed and enable them to identify and address any problems that cause delays;
  • Preparing and coordinating the Department’s semiannual Regulatory Agenda, the Regulatory Plan, and other reports on rulemaking activities;
  • Implementing the Uniform Time Act;
  • Drafting and reviewing legislation, press releases, correspondence, and other support documents when they concern administrative law or rulemaking issues; and
  • Developing and implementing international regulatory cooperation initiatives


  • Developing and facilitating Departmental and Administration clearance of legislation to be transmitted to Congress
  • Monitoring the status of transportation-related legislation pending before Congress
  • Coordinating Departmental review and analysis of legislation pending before Congress and under consideration within the Administration
  • Coordinating and facilitating Departmental and Administration review and clearance of testimony to be given by Departmental witnesses before Congressional Committees, as well as clearance of Questions for the Record received following testimony given by Departmental witnesses
  • Coordinating Departmental review and analysis of testimony to be given by other Administration witnesses before Congressional Committees
  • Coordinating Departmental review and analysis of draft Executive Orders, Presidential Memoranda, and Proclamations
  • Assisting in preparation for confirmation hearings of the Secretary, Deputy Secretary, and General Counsel

Who We Are

Assistant General Counsel for Regulation
Jonathan Dols
Deputy Assistant General Counsel for Regulation