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TSB 2020-03 Transit Benefit Program Requirements and Expectations

                              TRANServe TRANSIT BENEFIT PROGRAM BULLETIN

BULLETIN #:     TSB-2020-03

DATE:                August 26, 2020

SUBJECT:          Transit Benefit Program Requirements and Expectations

PURPOSE:         This bulletin is a reminder to all federal employee participants, transit benefit program approving officials, and coordinators of the requirements and expectations related to the transit benefit program.  The program requires us to work together in order to preserve the benefits of this program while eliminating opportunities for fraud, waste, and abuse of federal funds.

Reminder:        During this time of expanded telework and alternative work schedules, transit benefit participants should be reminded that their benefit should only be used to pay    for their commute from home to work and work to home. Employees that are not regularly commuting should not accumulate benefits in excess of their actual                                  monthly commuting costs or use accumulated benefits to offset commuting costs in subsequent months. 

Additionally, overestimating transit costs, giving or selling transit benefits to others, or purchasing transit benefits from unauthorized sources is prohibited. Employees who               misuse transit benefits are subject to appropriate administrative action, including discipline and disqualification from the Federal Transit Benefit Program.

When enrolling in the transit benefit program, you agree that you will not transfer, give, sell, or trade your benefit with anyone else. You also certify that the monthly transit              benefit amount does not exceed the actual monthly commuting cost.  Please remember this certification as well as all related internal policies that deter fraud, waste, and abuse of the transit benefit program.

CONTACT:      If you have any questions regarding this bulletin, please contact your Transit Benefit Point of Contact.

Updated: Thursday, August 27, 2020
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