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Section 26.3 To Whom Does This Part Apply?

This provision is unchanged from the SNPRM, except for references to the new TEA-21 statutory provisions. A few commenters wanted this provision to apply to Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) programs, as did the original version of former part 23. However, FRA does not have specific statutory authority for a DBE program parallel to the TEA-21 language. One commenter asked if the language saying that DBE requirements do not apply to contracts without any DOT funding is inconsistent with Federal Transit Administration (FTA) guidance on applicability. While the structure of the FTA program is such that FTA funds are commingled with local funds in many transit authority contracts (e.g., any contract involving FTA operating assistance funds), to which DBE requirements would apply, a contract which is funded entirely with local funds--and without any Federal funds--would not be subject to requirements under this rule.

Updated: Tuesday, June 25, 2013
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