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DBE/ACDBE Size Standards

DBE Program Size Standards  

*(Firms must meet both SBA and the DBE Statutory Cap)

*Affiliation has the same meaning the term has in the Small Business Administration (SBA) regulations.

SBA Size Measure

DBE Statutory Cap

SBA business size standard(s) found in 13 CFR part 121 appropriate to the type(s) of work the firm seeks to perform in DOT-assisted contracts, including the primary industry classification of the applicant.

See 13 CFR part 121.201

Size limit = $26.29 million

The firm may elect average annual gross receipts over the firm's previous 3 or 5 fiscal years. 

After January 6, 2022, average annual gross receipts over the firm's previous 5 fiscal years.

See 13 CFR part 121.104(c)

Average annual gross receipts over the firm's previous  fiscal years.

See 26.65(b), 2021 Final Rule, DBE Guidance on Gross Receipts (2020)

*DBEs working on FAA contracts are only subject to the SBA size standards. DBEs working on FHWA and FTA contracts are subject to both the SBA size and the DBE statutory gross receipts standards. 

    ACDBE Program Size Standards

*Affiliation has the same meaning the term has in the Small Business Administration (SBA) regulations, except that the provisions of SBA regulations concerning affiliation in the context of joint ventures (13 CFR §121.103(h)) do not apply to this part.

Size Limit


$56.42 million (Average annual gross receipts over the firm's 3 previous fiscal years)


Banks and financial institutions: $1 billion in assets

23.33 (b)(1)

Car rental companies: $75.23 million (Average annual gross receipts over the firm's three previous fiscal years).

23.33 (b)(2)

Pay telephones: 1,500 employees

23.33 (b)(3)

Automobile dealers: 350 employees.

23.33 (b)(4)


Last updated: Wednesday, April 21, 2021